How to Have a Stress Free Move In Day

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The day is finally here: it’s moving day! Moving day is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it can also be a stressful one. There’s a lot of steps involved in the moving day process, and just about anything can go wrong. If moving day is just around the corner, here are some moving day tips to ensure your moving process runs as smoothly as possible.

Planning ahead is the best way to avoid any snags during your moving day. Drawing a rough floor plan on your new home is a good way to save time, as it will help the movers know exactly where you want all your items placed. Make sure to label all the boxes by which room they go in, and what they contain. This will help reduce confusion, and will make unpacking much easier.

If you have any children or small animals, make sure to keep them out of the house during the moving process. This way, the movers will not have to worry about potentially harming your children or pets, and can focus on getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once everything is out of your old place, make sure to do a full sweep of the area. Check the attic, garage, cabinets, and crawlspaces for anything that may have been missed by the movers. You’ll also want to write down your meter readings, to ensure that your final utilities bill is correct.

Whether you hire movers from a moving company, bribed your friends, or are packing up all alone, following these easy moving tips can help ease some of that moving day stress off your shoulders.

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