How Your Curtains Can Save You Money

Blackout curtains

If you’re sick of your heating and cooling bills going through the roof, there’s an easy fix that you may not have known. You can save yourself money and energy with simple window treatments, even simple ones like curtains and drapes! These window treatments will help to block out unwanted sun or cold, and can help add sophistication and privacy to any room.

When picking out your curtains or drapes, there are a lot of different styles you can pick. Some curtains are floor length, others reach just the bottom of the sill. Some only cover the top section of a window, but these won’t be ideal if you’re looking to block out unwanted heat or freezing temperatures. Curtains come in all kinds of materials and designs too, so you’ll be able to find something that perfectly accents your home’s existing decor.

If drapes aren’t really your style, there are different kinds of window shades you can pick. Vertical blinds that twist are a great choice if you have pets that like to snoop out the windows. If you want the blinds, but like the natural lighting changes of the day, silhouettes can give you the best of both worlds. Silhouettes are blinds covered in slightly translucent material, to let light in without letting in unwanted voyeurs. (Bye bye, nosy neighbors!)

The best window treatments to save energy costs for your home are going to be dependent on the treatment’s ability to block out light. If you really want to save the most, you’ll invest in blackout curtains, which don’t allow any extra sunlight in, and actively reflect it away from the window. These kinds of curtains are inexpensive and readily available at most retailers and home improvement stores, so you can start saving money today!

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