3 Tips for Safe Summer Fun in the Backyard

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Of course summer time means backyard barbecues, long lazy days, lemonade and swimming pools. With so much activity inevitably going on outside all day and at night, it is important that homeowners make outside safety their #1 priority. This is especially true for swimming pools, decks and fencing.

Sadly, it is estimated that more than 3,500 people die in the U.S. every year from drowning, and many of these drownings happen in backyard swimming pools. There are many nonfatal accidents as well. With such shockingly high statistics, it is imperative that homeowners take outside safety seriously. Here are three things you should do to keep your family and friends safe while enjoying the sun and beauty of the outdoors.

Add a Fence Around Your Pool

Swimming pool fences are a must have if you have a backyard pool. Wrought iron fences not only look beautiful, but they can be made secure enough to keep children out of the pool area. Many people choose chain length fence as a cost effective option when fencing a pool. This option is not quite a pretty as wrought iron or other types of fencing, but it can be just as safe.

Of course, it is always a good idea to hire experts to install your swimming pool fences. That way you’ll know your pool is as secure as possible.

Replace Your Old Deck
Swimming pool fences aren’t the only things that help keep your backyard safe. Old decks can be a major hazard that should be fixes as soon as possible.

It is estimated that 40 million decks across the US are more than 20 years old. Having a deck this old can be a safety concern because wood rots and nails rust, causing decks boards to cave in under the weight of people. Nails can work their way out of the wood and could potentially be stepped on, and entire decks can collapse due to years of neglect and rot.

Replacing an old deck can not only make your backyard safer, it can add value to your home. As a matter of fact, adding a new wood deck can give a homeowner in the United States an average of an 87% return on their original investment!

Choose the Right Backyard Fence

If you want to really make sure that your backyard is safe, consider adding swimming pool fences as well as fencing the entire perimeter of the back yard. Backyard fences should secure the area, so aluminum fences, wrought iron fences, composite wood fences and pressure treated wood fences are ideal for this project. Pressure treated wood is a bit more expensive than non-treated wood (pressure treated fence posts average around $10 each in the US), but is well worth the cost.

Swimming pool fences, new decks and backyard fencing not only add value to your home, they make it safe to enjoy, and you just can’t put a price tag on safety when it comes to your loved ones!

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