3 Tips From HVAC Service Experts on How To Lower Your Energy Bills

If your HVAC unit isn’t working, there are many things that can be wrong with it. You need to call HVAC professionals to come out and assess the unit. They will be able to diagnose the problem with your AC heating and cooling unit so that it can then be repaired or replaced. If you need AC heating maintenance or repair, you can be given an estimate on how much it will cost. Or, you may find out that you need to replace the unit and get the AC replacement estimate.

HVAC units that need AC repair jobs may need extensive work done to them, or they may just need a simple fix. Replacing a unit can be extremely expensive, so it’s best to take care of the unit that you have. You can have maintenance done on your unit every two years to help maintain the unit. This can help the technician to see if there are any small problems and to fix them before they get bigger and more expensive. When you keep your unit in good condition, it will last longer and put off the time when you will have to buy a new HVAC unit.

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When you think of an HVAC service, you probably associate it with tasks like repairing a furnace, replacement of water and sewer lines, and a place where you can purchase a tankless water heater when you’re doing a home remodeling project.

But if you typically only talk to your local HVAC service when you need something fixed, you’re getting shortchanged! One of the most important jobs of any good HVAC service is to help you lower your utility bill, not just by providing you with general maintenance and repairs on your HVAC system but also by educating you about how to conserve as much energy as possible.

So how can you lower your energy bill without sacrificing any comfort? Here are just a few tips to get you started:

  • If your HVAC system is too old, there’s a good chance that it’s not running as efficiently as it could be; furnaces generally last between 15 and 18 years, but you might want to replace it before then. A gas furnace should get about 78% energy efficiency at the very least, but a new furnace can get up to 97% energy efficiency!
  • If you use your air conditioning a lot, it’s also a good idea to have this inspected annually — most HVAC services recommend that homeowners have their HVAC system inspected once in the spring, and again in the fall. Not only should the AC unit be running efficiently, but it’s also important that there are no duct leaks in your system or a build-up of dust and dirt.
  • Last but not least, think about what you might be able to do around your house to keep the temperature cool enough or warm enough that you don’t need to have your furnace or AC turned on all the time. It’s essential to make sure that there are no cracks near window and door openings where air can leak out, and insulated curtains will help keep warm air inside (during the winter) and hot sunlight out of the house (during the summer). Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your thermostat is placed in a good spot out of direct sunlight and away from any drafts, so that it gets the most accurate reading of the temperature inside.

The most important thing is to make sure that your HVAC system is working properly before any bad weather hits — and in fact, one of the best ways to keep your heating and cooling bills as low as possible is to call up your local HVAC service for preventative maintenance.

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