6 Tips to a Lower AC Bill

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Air conditioning is one of those things that you just simply cannot live without. Summer is quickly approaching and depending on the climate where you live, opening the windows and doors is just not an option. To do that what mean letting in all the outside humidity and heat and making the insides of homes just as unbearable as the outsides. Definitely not a good idea. But there was this wonderful invention called air conditioning. It’s cool, it’s dry but it’s oh so expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the bill it comes with. However, if you really are going to be in dire straits this summer, there are a few things you can do to help keep your bill a little lower. Follow these tips and see if it helps your utility bill just a little bit.

  1. Plants and Screens
    A lot of what makes homes so hot is the sun shining directly in the windows or on to the roof. If you plant shrubs and plants around the home, it will stop the sun from getting inside the house will be lower the need for higher air conditioning service. An air conditioning company reported that just doing this will make your unit function at 10% more efficiency. Another way to stop the sun getting in is to install screens, either mesh or solar on to your windows. This way you can open the curtains and brighten the house without allowing all that heat inside.

  2. Temperature Settings
    78 degrees is an acceptable setting for when you are home during the day but try letting the temperature raise during the night time or when you are not home. If your thermostat allows, you can set it up so it automatically goes up a few degrees at a certain time of day. This alone will save you up to 15 percent on your bill. While 78 may seem like a high temperature to have when you are home, try it for a few days. Your body will acclimate to the temperature and begin to feel more comfortable.

  3. Cooking
    Stoves and ovens raise the temperature of the home quite a bit, especially if you are using them for prolonged periods of time. Opt for microwave meals or better yet, cool salads or things that don’t need cooking at all. If you do have to cook, turn on the exhaust fan to remove the heat and humidity.

  4. Air Conditioning Repair
    The only way to keep your air conditioning completely efficient is to make sure it is regular checked, tuned up and maintained. Replace filters and keep the unit clean for maximum air movement. If you have an older unit you may want to think about changing it out for a new one. By doing this you could cut your bill in half. There are high energy efficiency air conditioning units on the market now that will help keeps your costs low. A good HVAC service will be able to keep your unit running in top conditioning by servicing it twice a year.

  5. AC Fan
    Keeping the fan on high will actually help to circulate the air better, removing moisture from the home. However, on very humid days you want the speed set to low so as to have maximum effect on the air conditioning equipment.

  6. Forego the AC
    If at all possible, on cooler days, try not to use the AC at all. Setting a bag of ice in front of a fan or taking a cool shower could be enough to cool you down without having to turn on the AC. On some days, it might be enough to simply open windows and doors and allow the breeze to flow through your home, cooling it down. IT’s always a good idea to air out the home anyway. The danger of using AC is that we keep all our windows and doors closed constantly to keep the cool in and end up damaging the quality of the indoor air.

Try these to lower your bill and pass on the information if it works for you! There’s nothing better than getting a lower utility bill in the mail. Higher than expected is never pleasant, but everyone loves a lowered bill- these tips could make you the life of the party.

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