4 Signs of Roof Damage That Should be Immediately Addressed

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Properly maintaining a roof is an essential task for any diligent homeowner. But besides the obvious leak, how do you know if your requires re-roofing or repair? While it is recommended that residential roofing contractors provide a yearly assessment, it helps to be able to spot the signs on your own.

Here are 4 signs that your r oof needs repair or replacement:

  1. How old is your roof? Age can be a telling factor when discerning whether or not your roof require maintenance or repair. According to experts, an average roof can last anywhere from 20-25 years. If your roof is around that age or older, you may want to have it inspected by residential roofing contractors.
  2. Look to the shingles. Misshapen, curling shingles are a sign that your roof may need to be replaces. If you walk the perimeter of your home and find loose shingles on the ground, roofing maintenance may be required. It is also important to check the shingles in the roof valleys; if these are damaged, they may compromise your gutters, leading to water leaking from roof.
  3. Check the roof boards. When you look up through your roofboards during the day, do you see sunlight? If so, you may have to take action.
  4. When it rains, it pours. The elements are the biggest and obvious threat to every roof. After every storm, inspect your roof for hail damage, leaks, and other wear and tear. If you find there is damage, contact your insurance company and file a claim immediately.

If any of these signs apply to your home and roof, or if your roof is leaking, you will want to call a team of residential roofing contractors. There are currently about 99,958 roofing contractors in the United States, and these trained professionals will provide you well informed assessments and the proper action to take in order to repair or replace your roof.

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