Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve the Security of Your Home

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If your existing home has older doors that are in need of repair or you’re looking to increase your security on a newly modeled home, you’ll want to do it the right way. Having a lock and key system is pretty much a given, but there are other ways to prevent your house from being included in one of the 2,000,000 burglaries that happen ever year. If you rent a house, your chances of experiencing a burglary go up 85%. If possible, you may want to contact your landlord about seeing a locksmith or having different types of keys. In some cases, if you feel that your home is at a very high risk, you may even ask your landlord about a commercial replacement door, which helps increase your security.
Taking Stock of What You Already Have
Obviously, having a lock system on your house is expected. If you live in a more rural area, some people tend to not lock their doors, since the community is small and everyone knows each other. Don’t fall into this: lock your doors. Just because everyone in the community knows each other, it doesn’t mean that people from out of town don’t come around too. If you have your keys duplicated for commercial use (maintenance work, remodeling, etc.,), be careful whose hands your keys get into. Consider going to a locksmith for locks on your windows and your garage door, favorite places of entry for burglars. Only about 34% of burglaries happened with the thief going in through the front door. What does this tell you? Look at other weak points of your house and make sure those are also secure. Make sure your deadbolts are properly installed–over 10% of homes have incorrectly installed deadbolts, which lets burglars easily gain entry.
How You Can Increase Your Home’s Security

  • Installing A Door..Better Yet, Install A New One

  • A steel replacement door, for example, offers more resistance and often preset security installation for your safety. Manufacturers of newer doors are more conscious of making their doors burglar-resistant and keeping the risk down.

  • Install An Alarm System

  • If you don’t have an alarm system, get one. If you do, use it. Newer alarm systems often have features that will send an alert straight to your phone if your house is being broken into, so you can call the police or alert a neighbor immediately.

  • Talk to Your Locksmith

  • Your locksmith might have great ideas for improved locks or security systems on your house. Adding locks to your windows, garage doors, cabinets, and safes is an excellent way to boost your security.

  • Make Your House Look Occupied

  • Think Home Alone. If you go away on vacation or work long hours, keep a few lights inside the house on, or have the TV set to turn on at certain points. Get neighbors or a family friend to bring your mail in, take out your garbage, and water the plants. If burglars see that the house has activity going on around it, they’re less likely to make a go for that particular house.

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