Essential Things to Know About Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression

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if you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you know how often hot, cramped, and chaotic they can be, especially in a high traffic area. Not everyone is as briefed on fire safety as they should be and not every kitchen has the appropriate commercial kitchen fire suppression system necessary for absolute safety. Indeed, some employees may not even know how to service a fire extinguisher properly. Since there’s gas, oil, live flames, with a lot of material crammed into one space, it’s crucial for commercial kitchens to have the best restaurant fire suppression systems they possibly can. Indeed, over 8,000 commercial kitchens report fires every year.
What are the Rules and Regulations for Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems?
Many of these rules and regulations change from state to state, but 35 states out of the 50 require that non-UL 300 systems be replaced when the cooking equipment gets changed, moved around, or changed out entirely, if the system that’s already in place can’t be maintained. UL 300 systems must follow a certain standard written out by Underwriters Laboratories that makes modern commercial kitchens safer. If the restaurant is older and still uses equipment non-compliant with UL 300, they should invest in restaurant kitchen fire suppression equipment that does. Additionally, commercial kitchens should be inspected and serviced by a qualified contractor every six months.
What Are Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems?
The name is pretty self-explanatory. The system is automatic and pre-engineered and protects mainly areas that use ventilating equipment and come in contact with grease. Many not only suppress a fire, but can help alert workers or managers to the possible event of a fire, as well as protect against it in the first place. Hoods, ducts, fryers, and griddles are all generally covered with a kitchen fire suppression system.
Why Should A Restaurant Invest in A Fire Suppression System?
First and foremost, safety is key. A kitchen fire in a restaurant can injure hundreds of people, including guests if the fire gets really out of hand. The kind of chemicals found in today’s oils and greases can cause a blaze much more deadly than in years before and a fire can start quickly and get out of hand even more quickly. Additionally, if your restaurant was to go up in flames, or even if only the kitchen catches fire, you’ll have lost a valuable amount of property, have scared away customers (both regulars and potential customers), and lose the revenue coming from your business. Having a fire suppression system may also help your chances with insurance, making the insurance company more willing to pay in the case of an accident.
All in all, it’s important that restaurants have a good commercial kitchen fire suppression system on hand. You want a safe working environment for employees and a successful business. Following codes and regulations may cost you more or be tedious, but remember: accidents do and can happen and being prepared is the best way to be.
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