Don’t Let These 3 Things Ruin Your New Living Room Set

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You are in love with your new living room set. Handcrafted in South America, you had your pick of several beautiful living room furniture packages. However, you chose just one set from your favorite living room furniture packages and you couldn’t be happier. It gives your Miami home a contemporary feel. Because your new contemporary living room furniture was an investment, the average buyer pays nearly $16,000 for new furnishings, you need to treat it with care. Here are three things you shouldn’t do to your new living room furniture if you want it to last.

Ignore Your Coasters

Your new furniture is primarily constructed form hearty wood and it’s meant to last for many years. However,it can quickly suffer damage if you aren’t careful.

One of the worst things you can do is to sit beverages directly on your new side tables or coffee table. Cold beverages can leave watermarks, which are extremely hard to remove. Hot beverages can leave scorch marks, as well as rings from the heat of the beverage. Always use a coaster on these delicate pieces of furniture.

Allowing Pets on Sofas and Chairs

You might love your pets, but they can damage the beautiful fabric on your new sofa and chairs. Your pet’s claws can rip threads and cause cuts to appear. Additionally, your pet can track in mud and dirt, which may stain the fabric.

While you might think the no pets rule applies only to dogs, keep in mind that cats can also be quite destructive if they choose to use your new living room furniture in Miami as a scratching post. Bottom line: keep your pets off your new furniture.

Incorrect Cleaning

Your contemporary living room set comes with a very special set of cleaning instructions. Read and follow the directions closely. Using the wrong kind of cleaners on the wood and fabric can ruin them permanently. If you have any doubts about what to use,contact one of your local contemporary furniture stores. They can advise you on best cleaning practices. Reference links.

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