The Modern Fence Much More Than White Pickets


UPDATED 3/1/21

Not long ago, the white picket fence was the symbol of having “made it” in this country. It embodied all that working class people strived for — a comfortable, well-kept, secure place for their family and belongings. The white picket fence was the ideal, the goal, and the status symbol, standing a proud watch around the perimeter of your lawn.

These days, the iconography may not be as strong, but the concept is the same. Fences (white picket or otherwise) visually delineate a property for the whole world to see. They say, “This is where I live. This is my home.”

And these days, a good residential fence company can offer you more choices in custom fences than ever before.

Chain link can get the job done, if your only two concerns are cost and making sure your kids and/or pets stay in the yard. But chain link looks like chain link, and there’s little-to-no variation in what you can do with it, aesthetically. On the other hand, custom metal fencing, such as wrought iron fences and gates, can add style and sophistication to your property, while providing security both from within and from without.

Wood fencing is still an option, but the palette has widened considerably from just pickets. Wooden fences can be horizontal, vertical, slats, sheets, four feet, six feet, or any combination thereof. A good custom fence company will offer you a variety of wood types and styles, each of which require different levels of care, so choose carefully.

And there’s no need to sacrifice beauty for ease of care — vinyl fencing can provide the look and charm of wood textures and colors, without the maintenance concern of genuine hardwood. A quick spray with the hose and a light monthly scrubbing can keep a vinyl fence looking brand new for decades.

Customers looking for fencing information should know that they can find all types of fencing now. Some people may want picket fences. However, the art of fencing is complex.

Chain-link fencing certainly has a lot of benefits. It’s tough and solid, and it still manages to be mostly transparent. People might want to be able to see through their fences, but they will still usually want a powerful fence. A chain-link fence has both of those characteristics.

Wooden fences are also popular, and they won’t all look like picket fences. Lots of privacy fences are made from wood. Metallic fences are stronger than wooden fences, but the wooden fences still won’t get easily damaged.

People usually get metallic fences when they specifically want a security fence, and not just a privacy fence. These are the sorts of fences that can truly protect a property. Privacy fences can provide a degree of security, but they still won’t have the capabilities that people would associate with a fence that’s part of a security system. Plenty of metallic fences can still be decorative, especially if they’re made from materials like wrought iron.

Your local custom fence company can open your eyes to fencing options you might never have thought possible. Stop in today to see the thousands of ways that you can tell the world, “This is my home.Read more blogs like this.

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