What Should You Know Before You Choose a Fence Type?

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Did you know that there are about 100,000 companies in the U.S. that work with fences? There are multiple types of fences available for any outdoor area, whether it’s for business or a residential area. Not surprisingly, though, most people want to make sure that they get the right fence for their space. Experimenting, and ending up with a fence that doesn’t fit one’s needs, can make for a pricey mistake.

What should you know about fences? Here are several facts you should keep in mind.

Level of Maintenance

Maintenance is something you should consider when you purchase your fence. Wooden fences, for example, can require more upkeep than other fence types. If debris, like leaves, is not cleaned from around the bottom of wood fences, rot can set in. They also tend to require painting and re-staining every few years. For low-maintenance, vinyl fences might be best: the most they need is a wash-down every few years to get rid of algae buildup.

Decorative Fences

If you’re exploring fencing options for aesthetic reasons, rather than because you need to fence in a dog or keep a child away from the street, then you have a fairly large variety of options — and you probably want to stay away from more basic options like chain link fences, which are more typically used for business applications. Wrought iron fences are popular as an ornamental addition to yards, and white picket fences remain an iconic addition.

Fence Designs for the Pool

If you plan on using a fence to corral your pool area, you will need to look into local ordinances regarding pool usage. Certain heights and fence types are required in order to keep pool areas safe, and some localities are more strict than others. Some, for example, might allow you to use a screened in porch as one side of the fencing, while other areas say that a screened in porch can’t count, and you need to use just fencing on all sides of the pool.

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