Is a Zero Turn Mower Right for Your Landscaping Needs?

Residential zero turn mowers

Ordinary riding lawn mowers and even walk behind lawn mowers don’t cut it for every property. If you’re looking for sharp maneuverability and control, checking out new or even used zero turn mowers for sale may be the way to go.

Zero turn mowers are riding mowers with an effective turning radius of zero. Most zero turn mowers for sale now use hydraulic speed control on each drive wheel to achieve these hairpin turns, though different models may use different methods.

Most ZTR mowers have two small, swiveling wheels in front and two large drive tires in the back for a total of four wheels. Unlike standard mowers with steerable front wheels, the small wheels usually rotate freely while the two drive tires swivel in opposite directions based on the user’s input, allowing for the quick pivots the mower is known for.

Both drive wheels can be run in opposite directions for a classic z-turn, or one wheel can remain locked while the other rotates around it. The mower can also run backward and in circles of any diameter.

Two throttles are used to control the drive wheels rather than a steering wheel. The throttles are usually as waist or shoulder height for a seated driver. A third throttle is sometimes used to control the engine throttle, though this isn’t a feature on all models. Some variations in steering methods include joysticks or steering wheels to decrease fatigue for larger landscaping jobs and allow one hand to remain free.

ZTR mowers come in both commercial and residential styles, with differences in fuel type, pricing, cutting deck size and engine power being the main distinguishing factors. Since ZTR mowers are usually faster than traditional riding mowers that only feature steerable front wheels, they’re usually a little more expensive as well.

Check out the various zero turn mowers for sale if you think a tighter turn radius could help you with your landscaping needs.

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