Don’t Forget to Check Your HVAC Unit Regularly!

HVAC contractors can help their customers select the best heating AC systems. Some people are choosing an all air HVAC system. While some people might just want to change their air conditioning systems to increase the general value of their homes, other people may have broken HVAC systems that need to be thoroughly replaced. Picking another heating and air conditioning system is important, since houses rely on these systems.

Different parts of HVAC systems can last much longer than others. Furnaces can often last longer than air conditioners, which is also true for boilers. Some boilers and furnaces may be able to last for twenty years. Air conditioners and heat pumps usually won’t be functional after a decade has passed, even if these devices are maintained very regularly.

When HVAC systems start to become very loud, they’ll at least need repairs. It might make sense to get completely updated HVAC systems at that point. If the house is becoming too humid, there also might be an underlying issue with the HVAC system. People with malfunctioning HVAC systems also frequently have needlessly high energy bills throughout the full year. HVAC systems and heating and cooling technology have become more advanced recently, eliminating some of those problems.

This summer, be sure to keep your air conditioning on at all times. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted a hot and sticky few months, and so far, it hasn’t been wrong.

In the last month or so, air conditioning companies have likely been busing installing new residential HVAC units, doing HVAC cleaning, and fixing common air conditioning issues.

One of the main problems that homeowners face is a clogged air filter. HVAC air filters are designed to trap debris and dirt, and keep them from flowing through the vents and into your home. As a result, you get higher quality air. If the filter has not been changed recently, you will run the risk of unclean air permeating your home, and also air that is not as cool as it could be.

Another problem commonly rests with the air conditioning evaporator coils. The coils in your AC unit are designed to cool the air as it passes through your system. Using a refrigerant called Freon, the air conditioning evaporator coils essentially take in the hot air, and spit out cold air that is then pushed out through your vents. Without having these coils cleaned, your AC unit will suffer.

Additionally, the motor for the fan in your unit must be checked regularly to be sure that it is circulating the air properly. If you hear loud noises coming from your unit, they are usually an indication that something is not right with your AC fan motor. A quick look inside may reveal that there are a few nuts and bolts loose, or even that one part of your fan has come apart from overuse.

The best thing to do would be to call an HVAC company to come and check on your AC unit before and after the cooling season. That way, you will know that your HVAC system is ready to go for the summer, and prepared for its heating job in the winter.

It doesn’t hurt that you will probably save yourself hundreds of dollars on costly repairs, too.

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