How a Walk-in Bathtub Can Increase your Independence and Mobility

Walk in bathtubs

If you or a loved one is experiencing decreasing mobility and independence due to old age or other issues, bathing can be a stressful process. A primary sign of being able to care for oneself from childhood, losing the ability to bathe independently can be disheartening for many. And yet, due to a number of ailments, bathing alone may be impossible. Thankfully, people are often able to retain some of their autonomy and also relieve stress and pain with a walkin bathtub.

Baths, especially walk in baths, have been part of civilization for centuries; for example, by the fifth century AD, ancient Rome had around 900 public baths, which were giant bathing areas similar to modern pools, accessible by descending steps. But today, most bathtubs installed in homes are the traditional, stiff-walled bath and shower components that involve a lot of stepping and balance. These implements can be extremely hazardous for the disabled or elderly, not to mention the able-bodied; studies show that 70% of all home accidents occur in the bathroom, and many of those incidents involve slipping in the shower or bath.

Walk in baths and showers, however, can make bathing much safer and easier. Walkin bathtubs are most commonly used by the disabled, the elderly, and other people with limited mobility due to the structure’s easy access. Because of this, walk in bath tubs can increase independence and freedom of mobility greatly. But walkin bath tubs can also offer other benefits: for example, some walkin bathtubs include hydrotherapy, which can be used to soothe away aches and pains. This makes walk in bathtubs a great option for the disabled and elderly, but also for other members of the family who experience body pains.

Walk in baths for elderly
and disabled people can return a sense of independence to their lives, as well as potentially relax aches and pains in all members of the family. If you or a loved one is having difficulty bathing on their own, don’t wait: help restore their autonomy with a walkin bathtub.

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