Does Your Bathroom Need a Modern Upgrade?

Bath sinks

Did you know that bathrooms with two doors are called Jack and Jill bathrooms because they are accessible from two bedrooms? However, no matter which type of bathroom you have, you must furnish it with the best fixtures available. There are several important fixtures to obtain, such as bathtubs and toilets, and these types of fixtures provide modern options that help make the bathroom experience more rewarding.

– Bathtubs. Bathtubs were first used circa 3300 BC, and the earliest tubs were made of hardened pottery. Today, however, there are many modern bathtubs to choose from. Whirlpool shower baths, for example, contain water jets that allow for high-pressure hydro massage, while corner bathtubs are designed to fit in angled parts of the bathroom. Walk-in bathtubs are also available, and these types of tubs feature outward-swinging doors that make it easier for individuals to step in and out of the tub. Even compact versions of walk-in bathtubs can be obtained, and these contemporary tubs are smaller, yet equally convenient forms of traditional walk-in bathtubs.

– Toilets. Since the first modern flush toilet was invented circa 1600, toilets have become much more efficient. High-efficiency toilets, for example, offer maximum flushing power without using an abundance of water. In fact, many high-efficiency toilets use less water than traditional toilets, which use approximately 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Modern toilets are also becoming more friendly to the environment thanks to the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, which is a toilet-design competition that encourages toilet designers to create eco-friendly toilets.

Bathroom fixtures are a necessity in most homes, so many contemporary options have become available. Whirlpool shower baths and high-efficiency toilets, for example, are modern versions of conventional fixtures. By obtaining these types of innovative fixtures, the efficiency and modernity of your bathroom will greatly improve.

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