How Does a Professional Team Safely Add Muriatic Acid to Your Pool?

Muriatic acid is another phrase for hydrochloric acid. While it might sound concerning that you’re swimming in a pool with acid in it, it’s perfectly safe! There are several benefits to adding muriatic to your pool as long as it’s done safely. This video will explain what you need to know about muriatic acid alternatives for pools.

Muriatic acid is known for helping lowering pH in pool and keeping filters sparkling clean, making it a wonderful part of preventative maintenance. However, it can be dangerous to add too much to your pool or do it unsafely.

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To begin with, you’ll learn basic safety measures to ensure you can safely handle muriatic acid alternatives for pools. It’s essential to ensure the acid doesn’t come in contact with your skin, so you should wear long sleeves and pants when handling it. Gloves are a great idea. You should also pick up a pair of safety goggles for eye protection.

After that, it’s time to add muriatic acid to your pool! Doing so will start lowering pH in pool.This must be done slowly and carefully, and you must follow a certain procedure to ensure your pool is safe to swim in. We’ll tell and show you how in this informative video. Keep watching to learn more.

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