What is Water Based Stain?

If you having been doing some research about restaing that decorative cabinet door, you likely have come across a lot of options, including water based stain options. Water-based wood stains are typically low VOC paint options that are easier to clean up. Let’s take a closer look at what a water based stain can bring to your project.

Oil Stain VS Water Stain

Oil based and water based stains are the two primary options you have for staining wood. They are both good options, but many people prefer the water based stains for interior use. The do not have the same smell as oil based stains and they are easier to use. Water stains come in a range of color options and have the added benefit of raising the wood grain more than an oil stain can.

You can choose both a low luster sheen or a higher sheen. The biggest benefit that homeowners find using a water stain is that it is far easier to clean up. You simply use water to clean up. With oil stains the clean up is a little harder.

Quicker Drying Times

Oil stains can take a while to dry. Water stains dry a lot faster. Faster drying times is essential in the interior of your home. Stains that are water-based can dry in about two to three hours, oil-based stains can take up to 24 hours.

For many homeowners time is of the essence and they just cannot wait 24 hours for their project to dry. They choose the water based option for the convenience and quick drying times.

A Drawback

There is a drawback to using this type of stain, but it can be overcome. The color is not as vibrant with stains that are water based. However, you can get that deep vibrant color you want by simply using more coats. There are some people that feel the only way to get the protection that you want is by using an oil based product but the fact is stains that are water based can provide just as much protection.

Staining wood is a great way to add a decorative touch and to protect the wood. Water based stains can get the job done.

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