How Can You Do Pest Control at Home For Insects

Insects in your home are not only creepy, but they can spread disease and cause expensive damage to your food and belongings. Adam Carr from the popular YouTube channel How To Home describes four ways you can do pest control for insects.

The first step is to use Talstar P pesticide.

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You need to use a one gallon garden sprayer that is only used for pesticide. Spray three feet up the walls all around your house and three feet from your home into your yard. Spray inside under the doors. Keep pets and children away for 30 minutes until the spray has dried. This pesticide is good for killing 75 different kinds of insects.

The second step is to use Amdro Quick Kill granules. These are spread onto your lawn or yard with a fertilizer spreader. The best times to use this pesticide is right before it rains or right before you water your lawn.

The third step is to use Safer Brand Ant and Crawling Insect Killer. This is a powder that is used in those hard-to-reach places inside the home, like under a washing machine or behind the stove. Just squeeze the container to blow the powder into these areas.

If you have problems with cockroaches, use Combat Max Roach Killer gel. Squeeze the tube in places where you find cockroaches, such as in cabinet corners, under the sink, and bathroom cabinets.

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