Low Performance Trane AC

Low Performance Trane AC

This video will share tips for Trane AC repair. When your AC is not functioning as it should it can be frustrating. What can you do to boost the performance of your Trane AC? This video will take you through the steps of one of the most common problems that are keeping your Trane from performing as it should.

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If your AC is not seemingly able to keep up with your cooling demand, this video can show you what to look for. The problem may be simpler than you think.

Dirt and debris built up on the coils of your outdoor system is going to reduce performance significantly. Clearing away the debris regularly can improve energy efficiency and ensure that your Trane AC performs optimally. Grass cutting, leaves, dirt, and other debris should be cleared regularly. When the system is restricted from proper airflow performance will be cut dramatically.

Proper filters and keeping debris clear from your unit can help to improve performance and keep the need for professional repairs to a minimum.

Watch as the Trane AC repair technician takes viewers through the steps to fully clean the outdoor unit. Learn how to clear away debris from your unit and how to flush the pipe out.


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