Professional Window Cleaning

In this video, you will learn about commercial window cleaning. There two methods when cleaning storefront doors. The first method is the fastest and efficient way. Step one, using your applicator, wet down the entire surface of the window.

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Two, remove the debris from the door. Make sure you remove all the debris from the window because this is the first window the owner will see. There are a few methods to remove water from the window. The fanning method is not the preferred method because it is a little bit slower. It is very efficient. It collects all drips on the squeegee. The door track is the preferred way. Cut in on the door and bring your squeegee all the way down the frame of the door. Make sure you are getting all of the corners. As you take it into the far corner, ensure you are at the right angle to make tight turns. The squeegee does not like tight turns. It will make a line in the middle of the window. Slide your squeegee to the right of the door, to make sure you haven’t missed any water. Lastly, you want to take a detailed cloth and detail the door.

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