How To Hire A Good Contractor

There are a lot of home remodeling contractors out there. There are also a lot of horror stories about bad contractors out there. Follow these tips from Home RenoVision DIY before hiring a new home remodeling contractor to avoid becoming another home remodeling horror story.

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Get Everything in Writing

Any estimate or contract needs to be done in writing. Never hire someone based on a verbal agreement. All estimates or contracts need to be itemized, so you know where all the money is going. Things to look for include start date, completion date, cost of materials, cost of cleanup, cost of labor, cost of warranties, and cost of permits. Always read the contract before signing. You do have the right to add any details needed before signing. If a contractor refuses to add or change anything to a contract or estimate, get another contractor.

Check Out the Latest Job Site

Good contractors will allow prospective clients to look at their latest job sites. Talk to the homeowner to see what they think of this contractor. Is the job site an absolute mess with materials scattered about or is everything organized and chaos kept to a bare minimum? Go back to the home, if the homeowner allows it, to look at the finished work. This is a good way to check the quality of the contractor’s work.

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