Building Tiny Houses For Charity

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This video features Matt Risinger, a famous custom home and deck builder and YouTube vlogger from Austin, TX, who discusses how construction professionals are partnering with a local charity to help fight homelessness.

Construction companies, electricians, architects, and more are donating their time, money, and labor to build small homes for Austin’s homeless population. It’s not just homes they’re creating either! They’re working hard to construct an entire community to benefit those in need.

The Community First! Village project is not owned by individuals but is owned by Community First!, a Catholic-based charity created to bring hope to the homeless. Community First! First started Mobile Loaves & Fishes, an initiative designed to deliver food, clothing, hygiene products, and other necessary items to the homeless.

Eventually, the charity wanted to go beyond just food and give these people a place to call home. Thus, the Community First! Village was born!

The people who move in will not live in the community for free; they must pay a small rent. Each person has a social worker assigned to them, who assists them along the way, whether it’s helping them land a job, solve a medical problem, or get food for their families. This encourages the residents to take steps toward earning a stable income and gives them the push they need to become active participants in society.

Risinger talks with members of his Build team and mentions that they are only one of many companies that have donated to this cause. Community First! gave these companies a $25,000 credit toward building materials. He takes viewers on a special tour of the community, where he points out architectural details, offers interesting construction tips and tricks, and showcases other cool amenities.

The 51-acre property consists of a few hundred small houses available in a variety of styles and layouts. The community also has pads for those who would like to stay in RVs or tents. The Community First! Village also features community bathhouses, indoor and outdoor commercial-style kitchens, a chapel, an on-site school, a community garden, a pond, and on-premises hiking/nature trails.

This type of project is genuinely helping people transition from homelessness to permanent housing and is making it possible for them to have a better life.

These few hundred houses are making Austin a better place, one person at a time. Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated. Any amount will go toward improving people’s lives for generations to come. Those who donate at least $75 will receive a special Build hat!

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