Cleaning Out Your Garage: Ideas for a Newer, Better Space this Winter

With more time spent at home these days, cleaning out your garage may be the perfect activity for you before the cold winter months are upon us. Not only cleaning, but adding new gadgets, adding professional services, redecorating, adding storage space, or completely changing the way it looks will be a big but fulfilling project to tackle. Whether it is a project you work on by yourself or with a professional, friend, spouse, cousin, parent, or child, it will be worth it in the end when you have such a big accomplishment to feel proud of. If your garage is big, small, cramped, messy, or empty, don’t worry – there are surely ways to enhance it. Here are some ideas to make your garage a more compatible and more important space in your home for both you and your family.

Create a Safe Space

Depending on where you live, the security of your home makes a big difference when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. Creating this safe space first starts with cleaning out your garage. You don’t want someone in your family or a friend tripping over something in your garage and becoming injured. It may even be time to add a security system. This can include both visible and hidden cameras, motion detectors, a keypad with numbers instead of using keys, and more. Providing safety can additionally include utilizing lock installation services. Completely changing your locks may be a great way to feel good about leaving your kids or pets home alone safely. The peace of mind that comes with this change is significant, especially if you have been meaning to get around to it but haven’t found the time or haven’t had a circumstance that makes you think about it whole-heartedly.

Security systems and lock installation will not only be part of your garage, but you can also set it up around your entire house or property. Garage security is important because your garage is one major entrance into your home. You could even get a system that will close your garage door after a certain time or if a movement hasn’t been detected in so long. Perhaps your kids’ babysitter forgets to close the garage door when they are done playing outside. Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew the garage door would close itself after 30 minutes of no activity detected? While you may not have thought of security as an issue, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Create a Livable Space

Creating a livable space for your garage can mean a number of things. Do you want your garage to be a private space? Do you want it to be a party space? There are many options. However, creating this kind of space will take a lot of work and money. It all starts with cleaning out your garage. If you don’t have it already, this would also mean installing electricity as well as utilizing a plumbing service, which, according to the National Association of Realtors, are two home improvement areas that 34% of recent buyers want to avoid. Now, avoiding these areas is understandable. It is costly to install plumbing and electricity into a large space. However, it can be worth the money if done cost-effectively and correctly. Additionally, depending on what you want, a bathroom, fridges and/or freezers, and carpeting or hardwood floor installation will be needed as well. This also includes initial cleaning, painting, and picking out what you want in your new space. Heat installation is something to keep in mind as well, especially if your winters are very cold.

A project consulting service can also help you design and build your new garage. Sometimes it can be hard to pick out the furnishings and color scheme of a space, so some expert opinions can come in handy. You could even give your new garage a theme, such as rustic chic, a 1950’s diner, a bar, a bachelor pad, or a modern look. This could include building or buying new furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, couches, and footrests. While taking on a project like this will take a great amount of time and money, it can worth it if you are looking to seriously update and spend time in your new space. It can also be a really fun project, especially if you are cleaning out your garage and updating your space alongside a contractor, a professional from a project consulting service, or even a friend, spouse, or relative. A home improvement project can truly be a bonding experience.

Now, imagine the wintertime with a finished garage. You could enjoy watching your favorite sport being played on TV in your garage-turned-bachelor pad. Your kids could play board games with family during the holiday season in your garage-turned-extra living room. Then, imagine next summer with a brand new garage space. You’ll surely want to show it off to your friends. You could invite people over and be able to avoid the summer heat by hanging out in your garage-turned-bar. Your kids could have friends over and enjoy popsicles in your garage-turned-sunroom. With all of these options, your family will surely be happy that cleaning out your garage became a pre-winter project. Updating a space like this brings it even more attention and affection.

Create a Repair Space

If spending time on your car, truck, or another vehicle is something you enjoy doing, perhaps turning your garage into a more repair-friendly space is something for you. If you tend to buy a bunch of equipment from one of the auto parts stores in your area, perhaps you need a better-organized, cleaner space to put all of your parts and materials in. New walls, shelving, painting, and organization methods may be what you need to pursue so you can enjoy your time in your garage come winter.

Many people use the time to fix old or used cars as well as other cherished vehicles as a way to spend time with loved ones as well, such as a spouse or child. Maybe you want to show your son or daughter how to change a flat tire in the winter when it’s too cold outside. A clean, organized garage-turned-repair area would come in handy, right? Maybe you enjoy working on cars alone. Either way, cleaning out your garage and turning it into a space you will love to spend time in may be well worth it for you.

Create a Storage Space

Maybe you don’t feel the need to spend more time in your garage, but this does not mean you can’t update and utilize the space you have. Cleaning out your garage and using it as a space to store vehicles or smaller recreational items could be a cost-efficient and handy way to utilize your garage space. Perhaps you recently bought a used golf cart and want to store it in your garage until you have time to fix it up in the spring. Perhaps you purchased some dirt bikes for your kids and need a space to store them during the winter. Maybe your snowmobiles need a home in between rides. If you don’t have a shed of some sort on your property, or you don’t have enough room in your shed for a bunch of vehicles, then utilizing garage space is a great idea too.

Besides vehicles, other items can be stored in your garage as well. Perhaps your kid is home from a college break and needs a space to store all of her extra stuff. Maybe you want to freeze a large amount of food during the winter. Maybe you need more space to put storage containers of summer things you don’t need for several months. After cleaning out your garage and installing proper shelving, your garage could meet any of these storage needs.

Create a Clean Space

If your garage has had problems with bugs or other creatures in the past, perhaps it is time to begin cleaning out your garage and see if you need to call one of your local emergency pest control services. Whether you are dealing with bugs, bees, mice, or other creatures you don’t want to greet when you walk into your garage, it’s important to get it taken care of before the winter. Animals typically like to find places to camp out for the winter – and you don’t want your garage to become that space. Not only can your garage become stinky, but other animals can also join them. You certainly want to feel okay with spending time in your garage in the winter, let alone simply walking into it. Instead, take care of these creatures now, whether it be by yourself or through a professional service.

Create a Workout Space

Are you looking to shed off a couple of pounds this winter, or are you looking to workout at home rather than at a gym? A home gym is a great way to exercise without being able to use the excuse that you don’t have the ability to go to the gym. Many people don’t have a spare room to create this space within their homes, so perhaps your garage can become your home gym. Installing electricity, especially including a system to control temperature, will be something to consider installing in your garage if this idea speaks to you.

A major perk of a home gym is being able to create and design it any way you like. This can include equipment such as a stair climber, a treadmill, bench presses, weights, and more. You can also choose to make half of it an area for yoga. Working out as well as practicing yoga are great ways to relieve stress during the winter when going outside becomes unpleasant because of the cold. Therefore, finding friends or working out with your spouse or children can be a great bonding activity the family can experience together. With an abundance of options, you can create your home gym the way you want it, which will only encourage you to actually utilize it.

Create a Bigger Space

Have you ever thought about adding to your garage? In a way, adding new technology or simply fixing what is already broken can make your garage feel bigger and better. If your garage door is in need of fixing, calling one of your local garage door repair services would be smart to do before the cold winter. If you use your garage as a space to park your vehicle, then fixing your garage door would be essential. You don’t want the garage door to get stuck when you need to get to work or if an emergency comes up. Getting locked out would not be a fun way to start your day. Cleaning out your garage to its fullest can in itself be a big project, but it can also bring great results. Sometimes cleaning makes a space feel bigger, so get to work!

Now, have you ever thought about extending your garage? A second story to your garage can be used in several different ways. One, you can use it as a bachelor pad, an area to hang out for your kids, a playroom, a guest house, or even an apartment. Building up and out can really provide you a space for any of these options. If you are looking for some extra income and are willing to provide a parking spot for a tenant, perhaps renting out an apartment could be something you do in your future. While this project is bigger, it may be worth your money.

Your garage can essentially serve whatever purpose you would like. From a bachelor pad to a repair area, to a home gym or an upstairs apartment – you can create a space that fits your budget and needs. Cleaning out your garage is the first step to take, and these other ideas can come next. Most importantly, have fun improving your garage, and make it into a space you will love.

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