Does Your Home Need Professional Mold Remvoal Services?

Every homeowner should know enough about mold to recognize a mold problem if it appears. Mold can appear in any areas exposed to moisture, and spread rapidly. Floods, water and fire damage, plumbing leaks and bad weather in the form of rain, ice and snow can all trigger an infestation. Mold can cause health problems, from skin rashes to breathing problems. While small patches of mold may be removed easily, for larger areas, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals who will do a thorough job.

What is mold?
Mold is made up of ubiquitous microscopic spores. It’s impossible to completely get rid of all mold, but its harmful buildup can be mitigated. Once it takes root in a house, it can produce allergens and irritants that cause health problems. In their severe form, health problems due to mold can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, skin and eye irritation and breathing problems. Some types of mold can be toxic, and prolonged exposure to these can be harmful.
High concentrations of mold and especially toxic mold can be dangerous for the inhabitants of a home. In fact, due to mold and other pollutants, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. This makes mold removal an important concern for homeowners. The presence of mold is not always visible, but it can sometimes be identified by its smell. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, it’s best to call in the professionals for testing and remediation.

How and where does mold appear?
Mold can take root quickly and easily anywhere there is moisture, in a span of 48 hours. This makes locations like bathrooms, kitchens and basements prime locations for an infestation. Water damage occurs in around 98% of basements. Mold can grow on wood, carpeting, stone, metal and even on drywall. Mold also commonly follows when a structure has suffered some kind of damage due to weather or disasters like fire and flooding.
Wild weather with rain, snow and ice can lead to water damage, as can flooding and roof leaks. Leaking plumbing is another source of moisture that can provide a breeding ground for mold. After a house fire, even if the fire damage is not extensive, the structure will be saturated with water used to put out the fire. This creates the risk of mold which must be prevented by professionals using effective mold treatment.

Why you need mold removal services
While you can fix smaller problems by yourself, if you find a patch of mold that is larger than 3×3 feet, you should call in the professionals, as recommended by the EPA. Professional water damage restoration services have the right training and equipment needed to fix mold problems. Many specialize in trauma scene cleanup, including fire damage, smoke damage and disposal of biohazardous material.
They will begin by first correcting the problem of moisture and high humidity before beginning mold removal. Once the process is complete, they will perform a verification. You can also get an independent verification done to ensure that the mold problem has been corrected.

Mold is found everywhere, but if it builds up to high concentration it can become a health hazard in homes. Professional mold removal services have the training and experience in all kinds of cleanup services, from fire damage to crime scene cleanup.

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