When Was the Last Time That You Trimmed the Trees on Your Property?

In the middle of winter it can be difficult to think about landscaping goals and plans for this year’s flower and vegetable gardens. If it has bee a particularly difficult winter, however, it is likely that you will find yourself worrying about some of the trees in your yard. If, for instance, you did not take the time or make the effort to trim your trees in the fall you may find yourself worrying about the danger of single branches or entire trees collapsing onto your house, your car, or, maybe even, your neighbor’s property.
Fortunately, tree removal services offer a way for all property owners to make sure their homes are safe year round. With the use of professional stump removal equipment, in addition to the best tree pruning methods, tree services are able to help people protect their homes, while also creating beauty.
Professional Tree Cutting Methods and Stump Removal Equipment Are Popular Services for Many home Owners

Home and property owners have many responsibilities, but it is often able to get caught up on the interior tasks that are involved in creating a home. If you do not, however, pay attention to the necessary outdoor tasks like trimming, cutting, pruning, or removing trees when necessary you may find yourself in a challenging situation. One big wind storm, one significant icing event, or a weekend of heavy, wet snowfall can create a dangerous situation. In an extremely wet spring, saturated roots of a tree that is too hop heavy can cause even more significant damage. Falling branches can break windows and destroy roofs, and the damage that is caused by an entire tree uprooting can be especially dangerous. Both life and property are at risk if a property owner does not take the time and invest the money to make sure that trees are well cared for.

In a city where there are still power lines that are above the ground, trees that are not properly trimmed can be the cause of significant power outages and lead to dangerous situations when the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold.

Unfortunately, there are too often times when property and home owners make the decision that they can take care of their own tree trimming and removal. This creates a dangerous situation, however, because it requires a trained professional to understand the specifics of removing large limbs, especially when they are close to a home, a business, a fence, or another kind of outside structure. In addition to the danger of property, of course, is the fear that the untrained tree trimmer will be injured. Fast moving chain saws and unexpected changes in how a limb or a tree falls or often part of the equation when a non professional attempts to tackle these tree trimming or removal tasks. After the tree itself has been removed, there is also the task of removing the stump. Without the right kind of stump removal equipment, many home owners will find themselves dealing with a situation that is not easily achieved. Hazardous trees are a problem for both home and business owners and even when they are removed, it takes the use of professional stump removal equipment to make sure that a yard gets back to looking its best.

Fortunately, shrubs and trees that are well maintained can increase a the value of a property by up to 14%. For this to happen, however, it is almost always necessary to invest in the services of a professional tree company. Did you know, for instance, that a single tree can weigh up to 50 tons or more? When you realize that the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) more than 100 people are killed by falling trees every year. In many of these deaths, the problem was a non professional attempting to tackle a task that was outside of their expertise.

Winter may not be the typical time when someone is thinking about landscaping and tree trimming, but given that falling trees cause more than $1 billion in property damage every year, according to the National Storm Damage Center, you should always be aware of the danger of trees that are not properly trimmed or are no longer viable.

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