Cabinet Maintenance How to Take Care of Your Cabinets

The demand for cabinets in the U.S. is estimated to grow by 6.4% yearly to $17.3 billion by 2021. The growth in the industry is attributed to the continuing clients’ interest in bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. Despite the expansion, the cabinet industry has invented the latest trends within the sector. Here are elements you should know before installing and renovating your cabinetry.

1. What are Gyford Standoffs and Their Uses?

Standoffs are essential features that should be incorporated in any home. Usually, gyford standoffs are designed to mount signs, glass, artwork, and panels. Additionally, gyford standoffs are useful for mounting any other material, which is at a fixed distance from surfaces.

To meet the rising demands of customers and their different designs, gyford standoffs are availed in multiple shapes and sizes. Besides, they are provided with straightforward installation manuals.

2. Detailed Guideline for Installing LED Standoffs

Before installing LED gyford standoffs, you should understand the components of the LED circuit board. The LED gyford standoffs have a diameter of one inch, but they also have varying sizes. For best results during installation, the hole of the standoff should be unpolished and fine sanded.

Additionally, you should ensure that the LED board is aligned properly with the hole before tightening the cap. During the wiring process, you should ensure that the black wires are separated from the white wires. Upon completion, mounting follows, therefore allowing you to have perfectly positioned LED gyford standoffs in any part of your home.

3. Hardware Transformation: Considerations before Adding a Soft Close Cabinet Hinge

Replacement hardware upgrades are among the easiest home improvements. However, some individuals find it challenging to install new soft close hinges. Here are important considerations to look into before transforming your cabinet hinges.

First, you should select the correct replacement hardware for cabinets. Appropriate hardware is vital for providing the essential tools needed during this significant upgrade. Upon selection, you should first identify your cabinet style. This procedure often involves determining whether your cabinet is frameless or face frame.

Removing the old cabinet hinge follows. After carefully removing the old hinge, the next installation phase constitutes drilling a 35mm hole and mounting the self-closing hinge on it. You should not over-tighten the wood screws while mounting.

4. The Advantages of Soft-close Cabinet Hinges

Self-closing cabinet hinges possess multiple pros and are becoming famous in multiple modern kitchens. Individuals upgrade their cabinet doors with soft close hinges because they minimize the slamming of the cabinet doors. With this, soft close cabinet door hinges promote silence and gentleness because they put less stress on screws and drawer tops as the door closes.

Additionally, self-closing hinges are preferable because they ensure that the contents in the cabinet are intact. Usually, slamming cabinet door features tend to disorganize contents kept within. Moreover, when the doors are closed harshly, fragile items inside the cabinets may be damaged. The soft hinge feature thus prevents breakage and keeps contents intact.

It is advantageous to install soft close hinges given that they ensure the doors close silently and slowly. These auto close elements minimize damage, which results from slamming. As such, the life-span of the cabinet is likely to be increased.

5. Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

With proper maintenance, kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years. Here are recommended ways to maintain your kitchen cabinet.

It is recommended to clean your kitchen cabinet routinely. Because kitchens are susceptible to stains from different cooking ingredients, it is advisable to clean them regularly. If the stains remain for a long period in the cabinets, they are likely to cause permanent staining and germs. This will thus affect the overall appeal of your cabinet. To avoid this, regular cleaning is pertinent.

In case of minor cracks and surface damage, it is essential to repair them immediately. Usually, cabinet providers offer touch up kits, which contain products that are useful in repairing damaged cabinets.

Because 41% of baby boomers prefer colored kitchen cabinets, color maintenance is vital, as well. To preserve the cabinet color, you should ensure that you position the cabinets away from direct sunlight. In most cases, light damages color resulting in permanent discoloration.

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