Should You Use Crushed Gravel Around Your Home?

Are you ready to tackle DIY projects that improve your home? Have you thought about using crushed gravel to protect your home and create aesthetic landscaping designs? There are actually many uses for crushed gravel with river rock being a popular kind of smooth gravel. It’s typically 1 to 2 inches in diameter. This type of gravel comes in a variety of shades and has many uses for drainage, pathway designs and landscaping. Gravel dealers can help you determine the perfect size of crushed gravel to use for any project, since size is what matters most. You need to use different sizes for different projects based on how you want the gravel to work for you. Using the expertise of a gravel dealer is also ideal since they typically provide gravel delivery.

Use Crushed Gravel for Erosion and Drainage Control

Crushed gravel is often used for drainage when placed at the bottom of a flower pot. It is also perfect for your home if you do not have gutters. Create a drainage gravel edge to help storm water run-off from your roof keep from splashing dirty water on the siding of your home. Crushed gravel is a free-aggregate that’s crushed to one and a half inches or three-quarters of an inch that has been processed from blasted granite ledge. It is one of the most economical types of crushed gravel for drainage solutions.

Crushed rock is also used to shore-up landscaping areas that are at risk of soil erosion. Place drainage rock around or beneath drain pipes for your home to prevent soil erosion in each location. You can also spread it at the bottom of any hills on your land as well as on embankments.

Create the Perfect Driveway with Gravel

No matter what size of driveway you want, gravel is used for creation purposes. Use crushed gravel in concrete mixtures to get more traction. Use it as loose drive material too. With many types and colors of river rock available, all you need to do is pick the type you prefer to match your driveway to your landscaping and home colors.

Use a few layers of quality gravel so you have a stable surface for vehicles. Start with a softball or baseball sized layer that’s 3 to 4 inches in diameter, then install a layer of stones 2 to 3 inches in diameter and finish off with a top dressing of crushed river rock 3/8-inch in diameter. Using gravel that has been crushed ensures that the pieces bind together effectively to increase stability for your driveway.

The Uses for Landscaping Rocks

Gravel has many landscaping uses. Create beautiful flower garden borders, use as a filler for paths around larger landscaping stones, or choose pea-sized gravel for walkway paths between your flower garden and home. The possibilities are endless. Gravel has many landscaping uses around your home including being used as a background for a beautiful rock garden with boulders as well as many other types of rocks in different color variants and sizes.

Gravel Makes Comfortable and Aesthetic Walkways

The right gravel size makes the perfect walkway or path. The finer or smaller the gravel, the softer it is when it comes to walking on it. Make sure your paths are comfortable, especially if you like to walk bare foot. Gravel that is ¼ inch or smaller is often the most comfortable. Choose types of gravel that have a smooth texture with rounded edges since they are less likely to hurt underfoot.

Gravel Accents Are Quite Attractive

Accents around landscaping can really bring out the beauty in your yard. Consider substituting gravel for bark mulch. Gravel absorbs heat and keeps soil moist and cool through the hot summer months. Weeds are also easier to handle and pull when you use gravel accents. It’s important to choose rounded river stone for accents around flowers and plants since it’s gentle.

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