Keep Your Carpet Immaculate with These Cleaning Tips

A big part of keeping your home clean involves how well you take care of your carpet. Did you know that your carpets have the ability to last up to 15 years if you take good care of them? It is recommended that you vacuum any carpet twice a week at least. That’s because dirt, odors, stains and allergens will build up over time making your carpet a virtual filth trap. It is imperative to have carpets professionally cleaned up to once a year.

What are you supposed to do to maintain carpet between professional carpet cleaning visits? There are actually many ways you can keep your carpet clean that benefit you and your family in the long run. Clean carpets smell great, look immaculate and give your home greater appeal. So, when you aren’t calling for cleaning services try the tips mentioned below.

Ban Shoes from the Carpet

Do you wear shoes on your carpet? It is ideal to keep shoes off of carpets at all times. Shoes only track in dirt, mud and grime from the outdoors. This alone increases how dirty floors become especially when the entire family traipses over them daily. Wearing shoes and walking on carpets literally wears fibers down faster. Take care of your carpet and have everyone take their shoes off when entering your home.

Hire Carpet Cleaning Companies for Protection

Hire carpet cleaning professionals to add protection to your carpets. Although added protection does not keep you from regular maintenance, it can ensure floors stay clean longer. Ask about carpet repairs, odor treatment and what you can do to prevent disasters from happening. Long-lasting carpets start with professional care.

Don’t Vacuum without Baking Soda

Trap, control and remove odors on a weekly basis by using baking soda before vacuuming. This simple trick helps carpets smell fresh. All it takes is a light dusting over floorings. Let is settle in for a small amount of time and then you can vacuum normally.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

An easy way to keep carpets fresh and clean longer is with regular vacuuming. It is recommended to vacuum at least three times a week in order to see a big difference. Vacuuming alone picks up any dirt trapped in fibers and keeps it from being ground in deeper and creating stains. In order to truly see the results you want, do not finish the task too fast. Go slow, especially where there is high foot traffic.

When Is the Last Time You Replaced Your Vacuum Filters and Bags?

If the vacuum you are using to clean isn’t clean you aren’t doing it right. Most canister or upright vacuums come with bags and filters that require being replaced on a regular basis. This ensures that your vacuum is doing a good job of keeping your floors clean longer. Using clogged filters and bags that are too full means that your vacuum is not able to work properly, produces bad odors and could even lose suction.

Don’t Just Clean, Deep Clean Carpets

Cleaning should be something you do often. Deep cleaning floors should be accomplished twice a year. Don’t wait until carpets look filthy. Plan to have them deep-cleaned by scheduling services with a carpet cleaning company that can tackle the job more effectively than you can. The experts have all of the experience, tools, cleaning products and knowledge needed to give your floors the best possible care.

Deal with Stains with an Emergency Kit

Stains happen. Keep a carpet stain emergency kit on hand in case of a major stain disaster. Your kit should include club soda for beer and wine spills, commercial stain remover for stubborn stains, ice cubes for chewing gum removal, shaving cream for typical stains, dishwasher detergent and water for spills and hydrogen peroxide for blood stains. Blot stains and do not scrub since that only works them in deeper. If you are working with a solid stain such as dirt, mud or food, use a dull knife to gently scrape it up before cleaning.

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