Signs That You Need To Replace Insulation System in Your House

UPDATED 12/4/20

During summer, hot air from outside the house moves into cooler places, in this case, your home. The vice versa is true for winters. The two conditions lead to uncomfortable living while resting in the house. If your home is not well insulated, air conditioning is also challenging for your air conditioner. Proper insulation installation can work to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choosing the correct home insulation products is critical to having a comfortable home.

Insulation companies, however, work to ensure your house remains cool during summer and hot when it’s winter. Proper insulation installation reduces cooling and heating costs by 40%. It is therefore essential to choose an insulation company that is experienced in insulation methods in the home. Insulating your home should be a top priority if you’ve been noticing your electric bill going up as your HVAC unit struggles to work against the weather.

How Does Insulation Work?

There are various types of insulation applied depending on the part of the house that requires insulation.

The insulation material is supposed to control heat transfer from a fast heated area to low heat area. Better wall insulation controls those extreme temperatures by absorbing the heat from outside. Insulating your home is basically like putting a warm coat around your entire house. The basic principle is the same.

How to Identify Your House Need Insulation

insulating your home

If you rent a house without confirming whether it is insulated, you will use more energy to control hot and cold air. However, you can avoid overspending on utility bills by hiring a company that deals with home insulation products to conduct a home energy audit.

On the other hand, if you identify the following characteristics, consider investing in better insulation for house.

Cold Walls, Rooms and Ceiling

If the walls feel cold and damp, it’s a sign that your house is under-insulated. The walls, ceiling and floors should be dry and warm. Also, confirm whether the exterior wall is cold. If the wall is hot even during cold seasons, it means your house is losing heat. Better wall insulation can keep your walls dry and warm, which can better regulate the temperature in your rooms.

Additionally, if some rooms are cold even after pulling a blanket on yourself, consider insulating crawlspace and attic. If you find that you feel cold while in the kitchen but hot when in the sitting room, it’s a sign that the house is under-insulated.

The bottom line is, your home shouldn’t have fluctuating temperatures if insulating your home was done correctly. Professional installers know the correct way to install insulation in walls. Don’t consider home insulation a DIY project, you’ll want to spend extra and have professional insulation methods in the home.

Extremely High Energy Bills

Some people leave their heating and cooling system running throughout the day, thus might not realize temperature fluctuation. However, if you start paying extremely high energy bills as compared to previous seasons, you need to replace insulation in your house. Nonetheless, don’t compare the bills for cold seasons with bills for hot seasons.

Insects, Mice, and Bugs

Seeing insect in the house means there is an opening through which they came in. Similarly, the openings are pathways to energy loss or air entry. Therefore, check for cracks on the wall, door and windows and consider investing in a ductless heat pump.

Frozen Pipes

Water pipes are installed between the exterior and interior wall. If the outer wall is poorly insulated, they cause frozen pipes. Unfortunately, if the pipes are maximally frozen, they will burst, leading to damages that will cost you a lot of money to repair.

Instead of risking such damages, spend little by hiring insulation companies.

Water Leak

Better insulation for house

The point at which the water is coming into your attic is the same area that disposes of hot air in winter and allows hot air in during summer. Therefore, consider redoing your home insulation.

Ice Dams on Your Roof

During winter, your house should have hot temperatures. However, if it’s not insulated, the air will escape to the roof and melt the ice on it. The melted ice will flow to the gutter and condense, resulting in chunks of ice that will block the gutter system.

Therefore consult insulation companies and get a quote of how much it will cost to redo insulation in your house. Instead of looking up how to properly install insulation online, trust in a professional for proper insulation installation.

If you leave in Oregon and you are experiencing fluctuating temperatures or any of the above signs, contact a company that will install comfort insulation Bend Oregon. These insulation companies understand your needs as a homeowner because they reside in the same location as you. Audit your home energy and identify the area that is under-insulated then hire the insulation company near you.

Are you building a new home? Are you wanting to make your current home more energy efficient? Or do you own a commercial building that needs a new roof?

Reach out to experts for all your new construction, home improvement, or commercial roofing needs.

There are different roof insulations for you to consider. Rather than attempting a DIY when trying to determine if fibreglass roof insulation, foam board insulation for roof, or the best way to insulate attic roof, consult the professionals.

They can advise you on the best roof insulation, best insulation for roof rafters, cold roof insulation, exterior roof insulation panels, above roof deck insulation, or the best roof insulation material for your situation.

How Do You Know if Your Home Requires New Roof Insulation?

commercial roofing

If you can identify one or more of the following, your home or commercial building is ready for new roof insulation.

  • Extremely high energy bills
  • Insects, mice, or bugs
  • Frozen pipes
  • Water leak
  • Ice dams on your roof

Find a quality insulation installer who prides themselves on reliability and efficiency. Contact them to take advantage of their years of experience in the roofing industry, by providing answers to all your questions.

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