Preparing Land for New Construction

Today in the United States, the construction industry is truly a vast one, and construction contractors across the nation are hard at work making office buildings, condos, banks, libraries, houses, and much more. A lot of different materials and types of specialized labor are all involved, from window and door installation experts to floor experts to masonry to plumbing and more. But none of this can start until the land is made ready for a construction project, big or small. Location is everything, and the physical land is a major factor to consider. This is why demolition companies might be hired, along with a residential excavation company and brush clearing companies. All buildings need proper land to sit on, and demolition companies and more can get it ready. When the land is prepared, the construction itself may begin, from foundation pouring to the finishing touches.


Even after purchase, a piece of land might not be ready for a new building to be constructed there. One issue may be a simple one: a building is already there. In most cases, that older building is not desired at all, and rather than being renovated, it may be torn down and cleared away. Demolition companies can help with this, when it is more cost effective to clear away that old building than try to renovate it. These demolition companies may also be hired if the new building will be a much different size, shape, or purpose than the old one. This does not necessarily involve explosives, though; large demolition jobs, such as for large apartments, may involve demolition, but not for tearing down a simple house. Rather than use explosives, these demolition companies will use bulldozers, wrecking balls, and the like to break down the old building’s walls and structure and reduce it to rubble in a controlled manner. Once all of that is done, dump trucks may be loaded with the debris and clear it all away. Some materials, such as scrap wood or metal, are sometimes reclaimed, while the rest is simple junk.

Preparing the Ground

Meanwhile, the very ground may need some renovations of its own, even if there is not an old building present. This may especially be the case for a piece of land that has never been developed before, as many natural obstacles such as tree stumps and roots may be found there, along with bushes and the like. This is when brush clearing contractors can be hired.

What can these contractors do? To start with, they can remove old, dead trees or tree stumps that are in the way of development such as buildings or swimming pools. Often, stump grinding machines can be towed onto the site, a tougher version of a wood chipper. These heavy-duty chippers can be placed over a tree stump and grind it up into wood chips, with both clears away the troublesome stump and also creates wood chips (which are useful for landscaping). If need be, the tree stump can be excavated, and chains can be wrapped around it. Then, a powerful vehicle may simply yank the tree stump right out of the ground, and the holes can be refilled with soil after tree roots are all cleared away. If necessary, a dead tree can be cut down and ground up, and the remaining stump may be dealt with using either of those methods.

Fallen tree branches, bushes, and other flora can be cleared away too, and removed by means of wood chipping (for large branches), relocating it all with pickup trucks, or even using a contained fire to burn it all away. Naturally, great care should be taken when using fire to destroy old branches or vegetation, and contractors should double check with local laws first where that’s concerned. And if a tree stump is being yanked out of the ground, the contractors should first check whether the tree roots are tangled up in underground power lines or growing around or in pipes. Otherwise, those utilities might get badly damaged when the tree roots and stump are pulled out.

Finally, with the land cleared away, contractors may use excavators and bulldozers to create a foundation on the land, and this is where a concrete foundation may be poured.

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