Finding a Solution to Pest Problems Can be a Major Challenge

When it rains it pours. Literally.

Every year your church takes senior high youth group members to a work camp setting. Although they travel as teams and worship together while they are away, when they go out to the worksites they are put into groups youth from other congregations. The goal is to complete the home improvement tasks that are assigned, and this year the weather interrupted. Specifically, rain was the problem this year. Nearly 90% of the work tasks that are assigned are exterior house projects and the rain this week significantly limited the amount of work that we completed.

To make matters worse, for the first time in five years, your husband was not able to make the trip. For the last three years your husband traveled with your youngest daughter, from Missouri and to Texas. Four years ago, your husband was able to go on the last work camp trip that your older daughter attended. In addition to having to travel without her father for the first time, your daughter was also on the first trip without the best of her friends. She was reluctant to go when your husband had to cancel on the trip, but you encouraged her to stick with her commitment. The week has not gone as planned. The rain was a problem and as your daughter has reported, this was one of the worst locations they have ever stayed. She called one night explaining that she was pretty sure she was having to brush termite droppings off her pillow when she went to bed at night.

Based on this information alone, you insisted that your daughter not bring any of her things in the house.

Bed Bug Exterminator Services Help Home Owners Eliminate the Most Difficult of Problems

One by one, you shook out your daughter’s clothing and belongings and ran everything through the washer and dryer. It was a time consuming process, but you found out in the end that it was worth it. By the end of the week you found out that a number of other family members were not as careful, and ended up calling in bed bug exterminator services. The process was exhausting and expensive. In fact, the money that the other families spent and the energy that they have exhausted on this problem makes your piece by piece clothing examinations look simple. You, however, did not need to call any pest removal services. You did not have to worry that you were bringing termite droppings or bed bugs into your home. You were careful; the others were not.

If you have ever had to deal with a bed bug infestation in your home then you know how difficult the process is and hoe time consuming and costly it can be. Pest exterminators have plenty of methods that they can use, but none of those processes are easy or cheap. Not calling in professionals, however, is a far bigger problem. Left untreated, a bed bug problem in one suitcase or pillow brought home from a trip can literally infest an entire home.

Bed Bug Exterminator Services and Other Pest Control Measures Can Help Keep Homes Safe and Clean

Even if you have not been part of a rainy and buggy church work camp environment, your home can still face other problems. Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that pest control services can be of help to both home and business owners:

  • 56% of home owners report having had a problem with ants within the past year.
  • 20% of home owners surveyed indicated that termites were their main pest concern.
  • 95% of pest professionals report treating apartments and condominiums for bed bugs.
  • Rodents and bugs would destroy 50% of our food supply without the pest control industry, according to estimates by the National Pest Management Association.

Bed bug exterminator services help families and business owners deal with a very difficult problem. Knowing that you can call someone who can come out and apply professional methods to get rid of pest that can make your home unclean and unhealthy is good, but not bringing those pests into your home in the first place is the ultimate goal.

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