Repainting Your Home? Don’t Risk Using Toxic Paints, Instead Go Eco Friendly

When thinking of painting your home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of paints and primers to choose from. In addition to the number of choices, many of them aren’t as eco friendly as we may like. Before you head out and pick up the first generic gallon you see, here are a few reasons why finding eco friendly paint and eco friendly primer should be priority number one.

What Is Eco Friendly Primer and Paint?

To be considered eco friendly primer or paint, the product must contain low levels of volatile organic chemicals. These additives are what create that telltale “fresh paint” smell, which can be hazardous if exposed to for too long. This is also why it’s usually advised to paint in a well ventilated room; however, even after painting the chemicals can remain in the air for a long time.

Volatile organic chemicals are also why waste management companies tell customers to not throw away old gallons of paint, as it is considered to be hazardous waste which can damage the environment if not disposed of properly. Additionally, many outdoor paints contain toxic biocides that are used to extend shelf life, concentrations of this toxin can be detected even years after application. Knowing all of that, it’s no wonder why more and more people are turning to eco friendly primer and paints.

Benefits Of Eco Friendly Wall Primers And Paints

Eco friendly primers and paints are created using natural materials that can include balsam, milk proteins, and clay. This means that they have relatively low odors, no harmful toxicity, and won’t harm the environment when disposed of. Because they contain the lowest possible amount of VOCs they are safer all around for both your family and your neighborhood.

A couple things to check for when picking out your primer and paint are:

  • Make sure the label specifies that it contains low levels of VOCs or none at all.
  • See if it has been certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute, an organization that sets standards for eco friendly paints.
  • Check for ingredients like petroleum or heavy metals, if you see these it isn’t eco friendly.

When it comes to priming walls
and painting them the best choice today is going eco friendly. It not only helps keep your family and environment healthy, but it can make your walls look amazing too.

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