Looking for New Flooring? Here’s Why You Should Choose Bamboo

If it’s time to upgrade your flooring, you might feel unsure what to change it out to. Bamboo flooring has become popular for many reasons. Among them are the durability, how often it can be refinished, and the price that comes along with choosing this eco-friendly material. If you haven’t made bamboo part of your plan yet, here’s why you should get started today.

It’s Known for Being Eco-Friendly

Look for a bamboo flooring sale the next time you want to switch the flooring. Bamboo plants are a good choice if you’re concerned about the environment, because they regrow quickly, unlike typical hardwood, which takes 20 years or more. Bamboo reaches maturity in about three to five years, and once plants reach three years, they grow more quickly than younger plants. That means bamboo is a great choice for the environment, and helpful for your floors, too.

Prices for Bamboo Flooring Are Low

Another benefit of bamboo flooring is the prices. Price for bamboo flooring is low and usually cost at most $7 per square foot. If you want to save money while getting new floors, this is one of the most affordable choices to make. It’s a bonus if you choose to do your whole house in bamboo flooring since you can save money in the process should you ever need it replaced.

Bamboo Floors Can be Easily Refinished

It’s possible for bamboo floors to be refinished up to four times in their lifetime. This is handy if your floor gets scratched up, or you run into other problems along the way. After you refinish your floors, they’ll look like new, and extend the life of your current flooring.

No matter what your reasons for buying bamboo flooring, there are many benefits. From a low cost coupled with the ability to find discount bamboo flooring to be an environmentally sound choice, it’s a look you can’t go wrong with. Prices for bamboo flooring make it possible to have your whole house completed this way. If you’re looking for a change of pace, this could be the right option for your home.

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