The 7 Benefits Of Backyard Offices

If you have limited space in you home, but are in desperate need of office or studio space, it may be time to get creative. Enter the backyard office shed.

Benefits Of A Backyard Office

Backyard office sheds are rising in popularity and more people are opting to work from home. Essentially, these offices function as a tiny separate home that is often detached from the main house. They can be built as a single or multi room unit, depending on your needs. If you are limited on space, but in need of an office, here are a few benefits of building a backyard office shed.

  • Home Value. Adding anything to a home increases the overall property value, especially if it is a completely new livable space. This overall value isn’t just applicable for those thinking of selling in the future, it can also be helpful when leveraging your property.
  • Purpose. A backyard studio can serve a variety of purposes. It can be a place devoted just to work, or it can also be a place to relax and get away. Additionally, if you opt for a multi room unit, it can even be used as a separate guest space.
  • Renting. Speaking of guest spaces, if you do have multiple rooms, you can consider renting them out to people looking for an Airbnb. It’s a nice way to bring in a little extra income, and allows you to meet a variety of new people!
  • Price. The construction cost of these minimalistic structures is relatively low. This is due in part to the fact that the materials used aren’t as heavy duty as what’s used in a whole home. For this reason it is much more cost effect than building an added on extension.
  • Separation. If you do choose to dedicate the space purely to work, then it becomes an excellent way to keep you work and home life separate while still being 10 steps from your house. It also means that your kids will be less apt to mess up your work while your not looking, because everything is safely in it’s own building.
  • Less Clutter. If you currently are working from home, but don’t have a dedicated space, you probably know how quickly clutter can accumulate. A backyard office allows you to neatly store everything you need, and free up some much needed space in your home.
  • Sustainability. While you may not be able to install added features to you home as it is, by building a backyard studio you have the option to go green. Having the structure built with sustainable material, and primed with solar panels, you can create an eco-friendly space that you can feel proud of.

Modern backyard studios are gaining traction with more and more people. They add function without sacrificing style, and can help boost the value of your home over all. Additionally, they give you the option to cut the commute, but keep work and home life separate. If you are working from the kitchen table, and desperately need your own work space, a affordable backyard studio may be the solution to your problems.

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