Home Refinishing Brings Out Your Hidden Value Thoughtful Additions To Make To Your Bathroom In 2019

Refurbishing gives a home a better arrangement of furniture. Refinishing, however, is a more subtle touch.

Older homes benefit from a gentle approach. The goal is not to scrub them of their history and appeal, but to give them the strength needed to hold strong. Kansas City refinishing provides homeowners the opportunity of creating a more brilliant home. Refinishing jobs pair nicely with whole home renovation projects and simple bathroom additions alike. Anything your home needs to make sure your home is built to last.

Should you reach out to a home improvement company this year? Ask yourself these five questions and find out.

Are You Trying To Improve Your Home Value Soon?

This is one area that can be difficult to grasp for many. Home value seems to rise and dip with no discernible pattern, able to be understood one moment and misunderstood the next. If your home is older — and hasn’t been renovated in a while — you’re better off with a whole home renovation. This does the dual work of keeping your home relevant for the future while keeping your value high. According to a recent study, one-third of Baby Boomers are actively addressing their aging needs with renovations, while a quarter want to plan ahead.

Do You Have Antiques That Need A Touch-Up?

A popular reason to reach out to Kansas City refinishing is to keep your antiques looking beautiful. These are unlike more modern furniture, made of older materials and often having a very delicate finish. Instead of harmful scrubbing and dusting, a refinishing professional can give you the best of both worlds. You’ll replace what isn’t working, keep the rest, and gradually create a home that looks like it’s never aged. Half of homeowners, according to Houzz, planned to either begin or continue renovations back in 2018.

Do You Worry About Your Bathroom?

Aging in place is becoming the preferred method of moving to the golden years. The average American home, however, is not friendly to this development. Slip and fall incidents are incredibly common in the household thanks to slippery tubs and tiles. One home renovation study found the majority of Baby Boomers actively addressing current or future needs of aging in the bathroom. On a more positive note, bathroom renovations hold some of the highest ROI rates of any area in the house.

Are You Tired Of Your Cramped Kitchen?

A more straightforward reason to seek out the benefits of Kansas City refinishing services is just wanting a nicer house. Cramped kitchens can create a snowball effect — they make you less likely to craft homecooked meals or linger, impacting your life significantly. The median spend on kitchen remodels, thanks to industry statistics, increased by 10% in 2017. This is followed behind by living and family rooms. Lastly, master bathrooms remain the third most popular room to renovate.

Will You Be Renovating Your Home In The Future?

If you’ve been thinking of renovating your home and want to make an informed decision, home improvement companies are able to help. Figuring out the happy balance between home value and a practical approach is tough. You want to live somewhere beautiful, but you also want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. A bathroom remodel is a wise choice if you or someone you love is going to be aging in place over the coming years. You can couple this with a kitchen renovation package or just stick to tile flooring for now.

Enjoy a subtle touch that lasts a lifetime. Look into Kansas City refinishing for your bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

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