Even The Safest Looking Paint Can Be Harmful Tips For Choosing Health-Focused Paints In 2019

Indoor air pollution is no joke. In fact, recent studies are finding it can be much worse than outdoor air pollution!

Yes, that’s even taking into account smog, pollen, and dust. Indoor air pollution is accumulated over time from all the little chemicals and dander under your roof. When you don’t clean out your carpet or ventilate your home on a regular basis? This figure only gets worse…to the very real detriment of your sinuses and mental health. There are ways to improve the state of your home, however, and they start with the kind of products you buy.

Many of today’s paints and varnishes are housing harmful chemicals. Avoiding them is as simple as picking up some new terminology. Here’s what you should know!

Before we take a look at anti slip floor paint and air cleaning paints, let’s paint a bigger picture. Indoor air pollution is reaching astronomically terrible figures, compounded by collective ignorance on the matter and harmful products. Recent studies have shown several levels of organics average three to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Common contributors to indoor air pollution include dust, pollen, pet dander, dirt, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and even radon gas. Fighting back means buying smart!

Chemicals in the air can cause a number of adverse health effects. Short-term health issues include aggravating existing chemical sensitivities and allergies, found in millions of American adults and children. According to Sweden’s Dampness In Buildings And Health study, children with bedroom PGE concentrations in the top 25% had a 100% higher likelihood of having asthma. They also had a 150% higher chance of having eczema and a 300% higher likelihood of developing rhinitis. A report by CBC Marketplace found VOC levels over 500 ppb can cause some issues for those with chemical sensitivities.

What about the long-term health effects? Just take a look at a recent study analyzing how people’s physical and mental health is impacted. Participants spent a full workweek in an environmentally controlled office space crafted by the TIEQ lab at the Syracuse Center Of Excellence. This space saw VOC levels reduced to around 50 micrograms per cubic meter. On average cognitive scores were 100% higher than in conventional workspaces. Not only do you have allergies to worry about, you have reduced productivity…yikes!

Figuring out the right paint to buy focuses on more than just color. You need to prioritize the materials inside and ensure you’re not just replacing one form of damage with another. A 2017 interior design trends survey found a third of respondents stating they prefer neutral color palettes when redecorating. Zillow took another look at preferred paint colors back in 2017, finding blue bathrooms helped homes sell at higher prices. You’re already off to a great start figuring out which exterior porch paint or bedroom eggshell paint to use…now step things up a notch!

Health-focused paints are designed to give you a great aesthetic without extra worry. It’s not enough to just look at a green brand, either, but read the labels to ensure there are no hidden issues. According to a study by the Survey Research Institute over at Cornell University, nearly 60% of travelers would choose one hotel over the other depending on the allergy-friendly rooms. This is a trend that’s only going to get more popular from here. When sifting through your anti slip floor paint options make sure to check for VOCs and PGEs.

Your options are wider than you realize. Choose anti slip floor paint and primer that keeps you safe!

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