The Differences Between 3 Types of Soil

In almost any garden, you’ll see plants, rocks, and soil. People place rocks in gardens for decorative purposes as well as to control the presence of weed. When it comes to choosing soil, people often become understandably confused. There are many types of soil on the market, each with their own unique uses. If you place the wrong type of soil in your garden, it could lead to disastrous consequences. Here are important differences between three types of soil.

  • Topsoil

    It’s understandable to assume that you need topsoil in your garden. However, this is rarely true. You’ll find that topsoil is most often used to fill and level holes in the ground. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid this type of soil for gardening purposes. However, topsoil is great for filling in any spots in your yard that are becoming eyesores.
  • Container Mixes

    You won’t always want to place your plants directly in the ground. Certain types of plants grow better while inside of pots. If you purchase these types of plants, you’ll want to purchase what’s known as potting soil. This type of soil provides optimal drainage while giving your potted plant’s roots plenty of room to grow.
  • Garden Soils

    Many at home gardeners use garden soil. This type of soil for gardening contains additives that are beneficial for your plants. Therefore, many people use this soil for plants that require lots of nutrients. You might also find that this type of soil for gardening makes your plants look healthier than normal. Many homeowners find it’s important to have a healthy yard when the time arrives to sell their respective homes. In fact, a recent study found that landscaping can increase the resale value of a home by as much as 14%.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand the differences between various types of soil. Experts recommend using healthy soil which contains a mixture of minerals, organic matter, water, and air. To find the best type of soil for your garden, consider visiting a landscaping supply store. By visiting this type of store, you’ll be able to find many types of soil. In turn, this will allow you to begin creating the garden of your dreams.

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