Getting Rid of Geese from Your Property

When you hear about someone having successfully used a bird repellent gel, you must be asking yourself whether the product really works or it is too good to be true. Nobody likes investing in products that claim to be effective only for them to lead to major disappointments. That said, the success of a bird repellent gel depends on the specific brand that you choose for repelling some of the most nuisance birds. Geese for example are the most problematic birds considering that if they decide to invade your home, they will come in huge numbers. Since geese are some of the largest birds in North America, it is worth noting that the level of destruction from a geese invasion can be massive. In some instances, even a good bird repellent gel might not work and you have to look for alternative geese control methods. When looking for the best goose deterrent, keep in mind that geese didn’t invade your home just to annoy you. There are certain things that attracted them to your property such as availability of food and a large water bodies that attracts them naturally. Below are some additional ways on how to keep geese out of your yard.

Understand that Laws Protect Geese and Cut Food Supply
Even before you choose an effective bird repellent gel, you should be aware of laws that protect geese against certain geese control methods. You will mostly find that these laws can vary from one state to the other but are put in place to protect certain migratory birds’ species that have been on a decline over time. It is considered an offence using certain goose repellent products such as some bird repellent gel that could harm the birds. It is often recommended that you check with your local conservation officer to ensure that the geese scare tactics you decide to use in order to keep geese off your property are acceptable by law. For example, it is considered an offence to disturb a waterfowl using any means while they are nesting. There are many cases where you find that it is actually the people who encourage a geese invasion to their homes. Once you started feeding a few geese that invade your property, these geese will attract more migrating geese to your home that in a short time, you will have a real problem in hand that even a simple bird repellent gel cannot solve.

Restrict Access to Your Pond
Geese are naturally attracted to water bodies and will easily make your home their permanent residence if you don’t find a way to keep them away. By restricting access to the pond, your home automatically becomes less attractive to geese and if they had previously occupied the area, they will soon disappear in the same manner they came. There are several ways of restricting access to a pond. You can start by building a dock around the water edge that has sufficient height that makes it difficult for geese to climb over it. Another alternative is to build a bird netting or a fence that makes it difficult for the geese to access the water. Building a bird netting will cost you much less and is easy to set up since all you need is a good net and you are good to go. If you have ever been involved in a goose chase, you must be aware that their first instinct is always to jump into the water. Once you make it difficult for them to always do this, they will be forced to seek an alternative place of residence.

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