Installing a New Fence for Aesthetics or Security

Fences have long since been used to mark boundaries between properties or to keep people or animals on one side or another as the builder intended. This varies from chain link fences around sports courts all the way to typical “white picket” fences around a property to a high brick fence (or even a wall) around a property to protect it. Sometimes, ornamental fencing is desired, and some fences are designed more to look nice than act as serious security measures (though they can do some security work too). These ornamental fencing arrays are designed primarily to work as landscaping, the act of modifying a piece of land to make it more attractive. Chain link fencing rarely qualifies as ornamental fencing, but painted wooden fencing might, not to mention bamboo fence panels. Ornamental fencing may also be wrought iron fences with decorations on them and a motorized gate to admit vehicles through a driveway. What else is there to know about the fencing industry today and hiring fencing contractors?

Fencing in the USA

The modern American fencing industry is a big one, and fences are built today for all sorts of customers ranging from private homeowners to business owners and more. This industry is in fact growing, and it has grown some 6.3% over the past five years. This industry employs some 270,455 Americans, and this industry might grow to reach a revenue of $8 billion by the end of 2019 (according to estimates). In particular, this industry is getting a lot of traction with residences and real estate development, and many private homeowners want fine fences around their homes. This market is expected to register a CAGR of around 5.6% over the forecast period. Many fencing contractor crews may be found and hired today, nearly 99,000 of them, many of them on the smaller side. Any interested homeowner may search for them online or get a reference from a hardware store. A query online such as “good fencing companies in Connecticut” or “wooden fence builders in Massachusetts” may be a good start. A good fencing company will also have its own website, including articles, videos, and photos showcasing their work. This helps a customer see what they’re getting into.

Fence Types

There is more than one way to build a fence, and a customer may choose one model over another based on their needs. A common type is the chain link fence. Although rarely used as ornamental fencing, chain link fencing is a fine choice for keeping stray animals such as raccoons and dogs from the property, or for keeping a pet dog within the lawn. Such fences may be inexpensive to install (price will vary) and these fences allow a person to see beyond their property if they want to. If security is not a major concern, and the homeowner lives in an attractive area, chain link is a fine choice. But such fences are a poor choice for deterring crime, since they are known for being easy to climb due to their may holes. The wires may also be cut with handheld wire cutters.

Wooden fences are largely the opposite of chain link fences. They are more attractive and may serve as ornamental fencing if so desired, especially if they are painted. Such fences not only keep people and animals on the correct side of the fence, but they can have gates and entry ways that are manually operated (and gates can be locked). These fences also block outside parties from seeing the property, which may be highly desirable if the homeowner has expensive items in their lawn or house. It should be noted that the side with the cross beams must face inwards, not outwards, since they make for convenient handholds and footholds for climbing. The plain side of the fence should face outwards (being nearly impossible to climb).

Brick or stone wall fencing offers maximum security, and many public buildings such as warehouses, self storage units, and small offices may make use of them. These fences are nearly impossible to break and may only be scaled with help such as a ladder. They may also have heavy, motorized metal gates to admit traffic through them.

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