The Right Time to Hire Remodeling Contractors

Homeowners in the United States enjoy one particular advantage over those who rent their properties: they can hire home remodeling contractors to launch a kitchen remodel job, a first floor remodel project, or even bathroom remodeling. Hiring home remodeling contractors may not only make a home look and feel like new, but it can also be a very effective financial investment. Even if a homeowner hires home remodeling contractors to work on just one room, this can boost the home’s appeal on the real estate market. Remodeling work can result in an ROI, or return on investment, as high as 70-80%, and kitchen remodels or remodeling the bathroom can allow a homeowner to ask for a higher price when they sell their home. And of course, if home remodeling contractors are hired to remodel the entire interior of the home, this can make the house even more distinctive on the real estate market and make it very attractive to home buyers. How often to Americans hire home remodeling contractors to get this work done, and what might the end result look like?

American Remodeling Trends

Many American homeowners are choosing to get their entire homes, or even just one or two rooms, remodeled. This is fairly common, since many millions of adults today own homes, and they want the most comfortable place possible to live. It has been determined that homeowners remodel about 10.2 million kitchens and around 14.2 million bathrooms every year, and 35% of all home remodeling jobs involve the entire house, not just one or two rooms. Often, it is the kitchen, master bathroom, or basement that are being remodeled like this. A Houzz survey found that 60% or so of homeowners are planning to remodel the master bathroom in their homes, and kitchens are popular, too.

This can be efficient investment work. Home Advisor has found that on average, a basement remodel job may result in an ROI as high as 70%, and a minor kitchen remodel project may have an even higher ROI, close to 82.7% on average. Similar numbers might be found for other rooms, such as the master bedroom or the living room. Not only will the current homeowner enjoy the remodeled rooms, but next homeowner will, too. And if an entire house is being remodeled at once, then the homeowner may create a cohesive visual theme for the house, such as a rustic Mission look or an art deco look. This is a matter of personal taste, and some future home buyers might certain visual themes more than others. How can different rooms be altered?

Rooms for Renovation

It is common to have a home’s kitchen renovated, and many homeowners report that they are eager to cook much more often once the renovation is done. A kitchen can have its floor tiles torn up and fresh new ones put down, and the walls can be repainted or covered with attractive wallpaper. Cabinet doors can be replaced or repainted, and cabinet or drawer handles can be replaced as well. On top of that, the fridge, stove, or microwave can be updated with a new model that is more attractive and has more features. Even the countertop can be swapped out for a tough but attractive granite or marble model.

The master bathroom isn’t just a place for the toilet; many people spend time in their bathrooms for a luxurious bath, or they may dye their hair, apply makeup, or shave in front of the mirror and sink. Therefore, a person will want a charming bathroom for all this and more. Floor tiles can be replaced, new lighting fixtures added, or wallpaper. Or, the sink, toilet, or shower can be replaced with new models that are also water-efficient.

Even the basement can be remodeled. In this case, junk and messes can be cleared out, and the clean basement can have features added for either a hobby or to create a home entertainment system. A TV, couches or chairs, and coffee table can make for a great entertainment system. Or hobbies such as art, music making, or model construction can be done if the right furniture such as tables, chairs, and shelf units are added.

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