When a Landlord May Need An Attorney

Many American individuals or households choose to rent their living space rather than buy a house or a condo, and this is a popular option for many. Some residents cannot afford the mortgage and upkeep costs of a home, while others have a lifestyle that contradicts with the permanence of an owned home. Many millions of rental units are occupied today, such as apartment and duplexes, and the arrangement is that the renters pay their due rent to the landlord or landlady, and in return they have a place to live as long as they choose. Renters are not allowed to renovate or alter their living space, but they may enjoy perks such as a public pool or juice bar in an apartment or free repairs and maintenance provided by their landlord. But trouble may come up when a renter is not paying their due rent, and a landlord may even get legal help if the case is serious enough. A landlord in Newark, for example, may search online for “eviction attorney New Jersey” or “eviction process in New Jersey” or any other state for where they are located. This can help a landlord get rid of a troublesome renter. And in other cases, a change of home ownership is based on a homeowner selling their property to a “we buy houses for cash” style company.


A landlord may search “eviction attorney New Jersey” if they have a troublesome renter on their hands, and “eviction attorney New Jersey” or “eviction lawyer Los Angeles”, for example, can help a landlord find legal representation for a case where a renter is causing issues. According to Nolo, few landlord will have lawyers on retainer, but they can always look up local legal assistance with queries such as “eviction attorney New Jersey” and others if need be. Like other business professionals, landlords don’t want to have liabilities on their hands, and a non-paying renter is certainly a liability. In general, landlords may have an uphill battle ahead of them, and complex paperwork can make eviction challenging, and judges often sympathize with the tenant, who needs somewhere to live. Still, if a landlord searches “eviction attorney New Jersey” or “eviction lawyer Houston TX”, they may be able to win their case.

A landlord may often need help for this, especially if they are a newer landlord who has limited experience, or if the tenant has his or her own lawyer or if the tenant is currently filing for bankruptcy. What is more, a tenant being threatened with eviction may sue for discrimination, whether or not this is justified in the particular case, and this can often damage a landlord’s reputation, whether or not any discrimination took place. A lawyer can help with this, too. A similar situation may occur if the tenant sues the landlord for suffering illness or injury due to their housing situation, and that tenant may enlist the aid of a personal injury lawyer, meaning that a landlord will need their own attorney to meet this legal challenge head-on. Finally, the tenant may sue the landlord if they believe that the landlord failed to keep the property in good repair, especially if perceived housing maintenance issues caused a personal injury. Exposed electric wires or faulty wall sockets, for example, may have caused an electric shock.

Selling Your Home

Another topic of housing is the choice to sell one’s home to a “we buy houses” sort of company, and to sell your home to one is to get quick money if the property proves difficult to sell otherwise. Typically, a house will sell on the market after three weeks, but some homeowners will struggle with this, such as if the neighborhood is unpopular or if the house is in relatively poor repair. A person may search online for “sell my home quick” or “we buy houses for cash New Jersey” to find a company willing to buy a property for a discounted price. If the home has features such as renovations on the inside or landscaping on the outside, such as a garden or an outdoor pool, its value may be higher when such a company buys it, and the homeowner gets the relief of quick cash.

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