Taking A Much Closer Look At The Importance Of Your Home’s Plumbing System Here In The United States

Here in the United States, plumbing is hugely important, so much so that it is widely accessible and available in just about any building, commercial and residential alike. For many people, a world without modern plumbing as we know it would look unrecognizable – and very difficult to live in indeed. In such a world, many of the modern conveniences of life would simply disappear, as we use our plumbing systems for so many different things, from bathing to using the toilet to doing our laundry to even just washing our dishes. Without our plumbing systems, all of the tasks – and considerably more – would become much more difficult to accomplish and follow through with on a regular basis.

But taking good care of your plumbing system is hugely important, as plumbing systems – including sewer systems – can all too easily fall into disrepair is they are not properly maintained and provided servicing and inspection on a regular basis, something that just about every single plumbing service here in the United States will easily attest to. Sewer systems are particularly important, especially as so many of them are aging all throughout the country. This is due to the fact that after about 40 years, sewer systems tend to need to be replaced, or else they start becoming faulty and not working as they should be.

When replacing your sewer system surrounding your home, it’s important to consider all of the options that are presented to you by the plumbing service or sewer company in question. For instance, trenchless sewer lines can provide a much more comprehensive and durable sewer alternative, but most people don’t even know that trenchless sewer lines are an option through a local plumbing service – even though they have been around for nearly two decades (around ten to 15 years in most places here in the United States) at this point. Learning about this option for sewer replacements and sewer repair can be life changing, so it’s hugely important for the average sewer service to make this option known to their customers.

It’s also important for any given plumbing service to understand where issues surrounding sewer damage are really originating. While some of the problem is truly likely to amount to nothing more than old age, there can be other, more environmental factors as well. For instance, the intrusion of tree roots into sewer lines is not uncommon at all, and in fact are the most common culprit in sewer line damage, specifically in homes that were built quite some time ago, typically before the 1970s, now just about 40 full years in the past.

In addition to sewer repair and replacement, various other household leaks can provide the need for a plumbing service. For instance, a water heater leak is quite commonplace, among leaks in other parts of the plumbing system, such as with the toilet, shower, or any given sink. In fact, it has even been estimated that as many as 35% of all toilets installed in residential homes throughout the country have some type of leak – and even if the leak is not a significant one, it’s one that’s likely to waste a good deal of water over the passage of time and the longer that time goes on without the leak ever being repaired.

In total, the numbers are quite astonishing, showing that leaks occurring in the typical home can waste, over the course of just one year, as many as 10,000 total gallons of water – and that’s just per home. From kitchen sink plumbing to poor water heater installation, there are many places that these leaks are likely to crop up – and many reasons why that they do so. Fortunately, hiring a competent and highly professional plumbing service can help to save money and water, as allowing a plumbing service to fix minor leaks throughout the home can save, on average, around 10% on their typical water bill. And while this certainly might not seem like that much, it’s an amount that will add up quite considerably as time continues to pass on.

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