Maximize Your Bathroom Remodel

Updated: 1/27/2022

If you decide to remodel your bathroom, you should make a plan before you start working. By knowing your budget and your needs from the beginning, you can avoid spending extra money and making errors as you go. The average cost to build a new bathroom can be very expensive, especially if you’re changing the footprint of the bathroom. Rearranging plumbing will bring the average cost of new bathroom installation up, so keeping the same floor plan can make things cheaper. Spend your money on things like updated appliances and new cabinet doors, rather than rewiring electricity and changing the plumbing. You can still get a beautiful new bathroom, but it will be much cheaper.

The average cost of a bathroom reno will be cheaper than the cost to renovate larger rooms in your home. So, if you’re remodeling on a budget, you should consider doing your bathroom before anything else. Look for the average cost to finish a bathroom, then budget for it. You’ll get the bathroom of your dreams, which can either satisfy your remodeling plans or keep you happy as you consider the rest of the work later.

Every homeowner has a room that acts as the centerpiece of their house. It may be your entertainment room with gorgeous leather couches and the best flat screen television the market has to offer, or your garage full of huge toolboxes with their contents immaculately organized. Or, if you are a fan of hosting parties, baking up a frenzy in the holidays, or just having a top of the line room to serve as the hub of activity in your house, you may choose to focus your home remodeling efforts on your kitchen.
Are you unhappy in your home bathroom? Master bedroom bathroom remodels can be quick, DIY projects that are finished in a Saturday afternoon, or deeply involved commitments that require construction and contractors. No matter how dedicated you are to your bathroom upgrade (or how deep your pockets are), here are three quick bathroom refreshers that have a high aesthetic and functional yield with relatively low efforts and costs.

  • Make a statement with your cabinets. Cabinets are oftentimes an understated element of a unique master bathroom; they can add just as much of a striking visual factor to the room as appliances do. Livening up your cabinets does not have include ripping out the existing ones and purchasing an all new set. Some low cost options to remodel your cabinets include: replacing the handles with bright, new stainless steel ones for a striking professional look; sanding the cabinets down and restraining them a dark wooden shade like espresso for a more sophisticated feel; painting the cabinets an unexpected hue like plum or hunter green for a pop of color; or remove the doors from your upper-level cabinets for a less cramped bathroom look with a touch of modern airiness. This is sure to make you happy in your home bathroom!
  • A new take on lighting.If you have more traditional lighting in your bathroom, you would be surprised at what a new fixture would do to the environment in your bathroom. Depending on the size and setup of the room, you may have several available options. Elaborate chandeliers will make an eye catching statement in your remodel, but may not serve as the most functional lighting fixture. If you don’t spend a large amount of time in your bathroom but still want to make the room look fabulous, your local bathroom remodeling stores can show you a wide variety of attractive lighting options, from mobiles to rustic pendants to dreamy lanterns. However, if you are a chef at heart, you may want to consider installing a modern steel fixture with professional-grade lighting; it will appeal to you both in visuals and functionality.
  • Still unhappy in your home bathroom? Fire up your flooring.The cost of reflooring your bathroom can vary greatly depending on a handful of factors, from the flooring companies you choose to hire, to the material you purchase, to whether or not you want to put the same flooring in your dining room or living room as well. However, flooring can be a statement making addition to your bathroom even if you choose to remodel little else. Bathroom flooring needs to be durable and resistant to stains, spills, and messes. Vinyl is a cost efficient, popular option in many bathrooms, but only serves as a replica of of other materials like hardwood and stone, and may peel up as the years go on.
    You can choose your flooring material based on trendiness and visual appeal (like cork, hardwood, stone floors) or by its ability to stand up to wear and tear (like linoleum or porcelain tile). Keep in mind that choosing one quality of flooring may sacrifice others, so make sure you choose the material that fits your bathroom vision but is a sound long term investment.
  • Now you never have to feel unhappy in your home bathroom again. The cost to redo bathrooms are relatively low, and a bathroom remodel will not only boost your morale, but also your home’s value. In fact, homeowners who have a minor bathroom remodel can expect a return on investment of over 80%. Whether you choose to spruce up your cabinets, modernize your lighting or rip out the 1980s vinyl flooring, your bathroom (and you) will emerge feeling brand new.

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