Taking A Closer Look At The Word Of Architecture In The United States And Beyond

From wondering what is fluted molding to wondering what is egg and dart molding, various types of architecture have been popular throughout the world – and throughout history as well. What is fluted molding is just one question to consider when you’re looking into the history of architecture, but it is one that is still important to ask – as well as along with many others, such as what is rope trim molding and what is resin crown molding.

The history of architecture is certainly one that dates back centuries both here in the United States as well as far beyond it too. In fact, the ancient Greeks as well as the ancient Romans both had long histories of hugely influential architecture, so influential that they even continue to be relevant in our world as we know it today. Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian architecture were their three orders of architecture and they too asked the questions that mattered when it came to architecture, such as what is fluted molding among many others.

But not just Greek and Roman architecture matter in the greater scope of world history. In addition to these important forms of architecture, wood molding too has left its mark and continues to be influential even in today’s modern age, influencing questions like what is fluted molding and the like. In fact, wood carving as a form of art can be traced back as many as 400,000 years, making it one of the oldest works of art that is known to man.

Of course, art has evolved in the years upon years that have transpired since, meaning that those involved in the history of art certainly do have a great deal of it to study and take into consideration. More modern (in the grand scheme of things, that is) innovations in art have also been hugely influential as well, such as interest in classical style, which first became popular in the last 50 years or so of the 18th century, now hundreds of years in the past. In part this was thanks to a man named Robert Adam, an architect with Scottish origins who first started using this type and style of architecture in the homes that the designed and built.

In homes today, many of these elements still exist and questions like what is fluted molding are still commonly asked and wondered about. Homes today also still incorporate a great deal of wood, particularly hardwood. In fact, much of this wood is oak, as more than half of all hardwood trees found here in the United States (52% of them, to be just a little bit more exact) are oak trees, making oak one of the most accessible woods out there.

And wood can be used in many capacities all throughout the typical home. For instance, wood can be used for flooring, for furniture, and even for siding and paneling. Wood accents are hugely popular, as is wood molding (necessitating the question of what is fluted molding and questions that surround different types of molding in general). But why exactly has hardwood accents (or even larger features) become so popular in our modern world and our modern architecture.

Well, for one thing, hardwood can last for an incredibly long time when it is well cared for. In fact, it can even last for hundreds upon hundreds of years in the typical home, making it not only something good to have in the present but an investment for the future as well. In addition to this, hardwood flooring in particular can bring in more money on a home sale, as prospective home buyers will actually pay considerably more for a home that has hardwood flooring throughout than a home that does not include this feature.

However, the use of hardwood flooring is not always environmentally friendly. Fortunately, switching out typical hardwood flooring for hardwood flooring that as been made from reclaimed wood is a relatively easy switch to make. Reclaimed wood is often still of a very high quality, but it’s with less of a negative environmental footprint.

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