4 Ways to Creatively Add Your Own Style to Your Home

When trying to find new and interesting ways to put your own personal touch on your home, it can be easy to run into the same ideas over and over. We want to provide several outside the box suggestions and ideas for you to put your own stamp on your home’s decor. Not all of these ideas might be a good fit for everyone, but hopefully it’s enough to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Unique Pattern Made of Shower Tiles

Something that many creative home designers don’t often take enough stock of is the use of shower tiles, or bath tiles and swimming pool tiles for that matter. Shower tiles can be arranged in whatever pattern you desire using whatever shower tiles you can get ahold of. If you had an inkling to design your own customer pattern kitchen backsplash or shower, it would be a fantastic way to integrate your creative taste into the home.

2. Backyard Mural

If you or someone in your family is talented with painting, and you happen to have a garage or shed in your backyard, that can be a fantastic way to put a personal touch on your home. Painting a mural on the back of a garage or shed is a lot of faith to put in yourself or someone, but the result can be something truly special and unique. Whether you decide to go for a mural based on your family, or something else entirely, it’s definitely worth considering if you’ve got the right setup!

3. Themed Basement

If you’ve got a finished basement, it can be a great space to dedicate to something unique. Whether you want to put together a custom game room with a pool table and a bar, a home theater with reclining seats, massive high definition TV and a popcorn machine, or even a home library, a finished basement might as well be a blank slate for creativity. The hard part here is figuring out what to do with all that space.

4. Pick a Creativity Room

Whether you do this with a spare bedroom, home office or a child’s room, it can be a fantastic release to designate one room in the house as the room you can feel free to do whatever you want creatively with. Paint the walls whatever color you like, put in whatever furniture or decoration you can imagine; make the space creatively your own. This can be a fantastic outlet, as long as you choose the right room!

Do you have anything to add to the conversation? Share your creative home decoration tips in the comments below!

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