Camera Inspection for the Cleaning and Maintenance of Sewer Lines

So much needs to be done to manage the service and maintenance of sewers, septic tanks, pipes, and all plumbing. There is much work needed from plumbers who can complete services like camera inspection, sewer excavation, water line excavation, septic tank repairs, and sewer repairs.

Camera Inspection for the Cleanest Plumbing Possible

Plumbing service is a challenging industry and takes a great deal of experience and caution from those who work those lines every day. Sometimes there is the need for camera service and line location to help mark the underground water lines before construction, roadwork or other projects can be started.

Line locating may be needed, but there is also plenty of time throughout the year where the lines need to be serviced and cleaned as well. Camera inspection is excellent for that. Cameras can be used for sewer line inspection, determining the need for cleaning, maintenance, replacement, and updates to be made to our public water systems.

What About Septic Tanks and Sewers?

The trouble for managing the septic tank on any private property can be a challenge. Especially with the amount of water that is used per person, almost 90 gallons daily at home leaving the proper size of a septic tank needed to allow time for wastewater to process. With so many different systems carrying water to our wastewater plants, sump pumps make up only 20% of the wastewater processing of the American are septic tanks, sufficiently managing a home’s wastewater on its own. This leaves 80% of households relying on public sewer systems that carry all sewage combined to the local water treatment facility.

Given the billions of gallons of wastewater that is processed daily, the need to keep our sewer lines clean and maintained is essential. There are services completed by hundreds of thousands of excellent American plumbers every day. With the efforts to keep our water clean there is much for our plumbers to gain from the benefits of camera inspection and so many other tools. We can only hope that the status of our water will continue to improve over the years with the increased inspection of our sewers and treatment of the water we send to waste facilities every day.

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