Why Homeowners Are Renovating Instead of Moving

Throughout the United States, many homeowners are remaining content in their own properties. While moving used to be an attractive option, these individuals feel it’s much wiser to remodel. It’s understandable to wonder why remodeling has gone from a trend to a smart financial option. In this post, you’ll learn why remodeling has become so popular throughout the United States.

The Current State of Home Remodeling in America

It’s understandable to think that home remodeling means working throughout every room in your house. However, there are also minor remodeling projects for those without a lot of time. Statistics gathered from the United States Census Bureau found that 30% of remodeling work is for major additions and alterations while 40% was for more minor types of projects. In fact, statistics from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard found predicted that Americans will spend a total of $240 billion on home remodeling. If this total is achieved, it would mark a record year for spending on home remodeling. Even more surprising, next year’s home remodeling estimates are expected to reach total sales of $409 billion.

Remodeling Means Never Having to Move

One reason why many are renovating is to avoid moving. You’ll need to spend time and effort to find a new property. After finding the right property, you’ll now need to gather up all of your belongings. These situations become much more stressful when children are involved in a move. It’s rare that any child will want to leave behind their current school in favor of a new one. Likewise, moving means leaving behind the friends you’ve made. However, you and your family don’t have to worry about these problems while remodeling.

Avoiding Placing Your Home is a Market That’s Still Recovering

Another reason many people are working with remodeling companies is to avoid dealing with the housing market. While it’s true that prices are recovering, there’s still work to be done. Considering that, it makes sense for homeowners to want to wait a few years or longer before entering this market. If you’re wanting to avoid risks, it’s a good idea to remodel instead of move.

In closing, it’s no wonder why many homeowners are staying put instead of moving. If you’re ready to begin renovating your home, consider contacting remodeling contractors. These professionals will be able to take your ideas, turn them into design builds and begin remodeling. In turn, remodeling contractors are able to save you the time and effort it would take to implement these ideas on your own. Also, remodeling contractors eliminate the risk of you getting injured from trying to complete renovations by yourself.

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