Allergens Can Start From The Home The Health Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Spray Paint

It’s easy to underestimate the everyday dangers in your home. It’s supposed to be a safe place, right?

Sadly, even the most well-built home can still harbor chemicals or materials that are hazardous to your health. Even worse, a lot of this can happen without you knowing. Perhaps the most virulent element located in American households is harmful paint. Bad for your health and able to aggravate sensitive constitutions, paint with VOC is found in millions of locations across the United States and completely overlooked at the best of times. When you move into a new place, or are considering a renovation, environmentally friendly spray paint is a must-have to keep everyone under your roof healthy.

From a clear coat for wood to anti slip paint, it’s more than possible to be eco-friendly even as you style and tweak your home to perfection.

The Prevalence Of VOC In American Homes

You’re always looking for new ways to make your home a little more comfortable to live in. Instead of adding new furniture to your front porch or sprucing up your houseplants, consider looking over your home for potential VOC paint. Flooring that’s more than one year old is likely just fine, as many of the VOCs present in the varnish or primer will have dissipated already. Installing new flooring or painting, however, it’s best you go with an organic option and seek out VOC-free materials. Failing to do so can potentially expose your family, friends and pets to harmful fumes.

Negative Side-Effects Of VOC Exposure

What is the physical health impact of VOC exposure? It’s actually fairly easy to spot, though it can easily be blamed on other sources. A report provided by the CBC Marketplace found VOC levels over 500 ppb could cause problems in people with chemical sensitivities. Additional studies on indoor air pollution found several organics average between two to five times higher inside than outside, making just inhaling a potential health hazard. You can suffer from chronic headaches, sinus congestion, higher blood pressure, rashes and breathing difficulties, among others.

Chemical Sensitivity In Your Family

Let’s expand a little more on chemical sensitivity and why environmentally friendly spray paint makes for such a smart purchase. A study titled ‘Sweden’s Dampness In Buildings And Health’ found children with multiple allergic symptoms having their likelihood of developing other sensitivities to allergens being doubled with PGE and VOC exposure. This study would go on to conclude children with bedroom PGE concentrations in the top 25% had a 100% higher likelihood of having asthma and a 150% higher likelihood of having eczema. Deck paint and floor paint alike needs to be clean to be functional.

Positive Impact Of Eco-Friendly Materials

Now for the positive impact of environmentally friendly spray paint. Not only will you and your family have a much reduced likelihood of developing chronic illness, you can also expect to enjoy improved productivity and concentration. A recent study saw participants spending six full work days in an environmentally-controlled office space at the Syracuse Center Of Excellence. VOC levels here were lowered to 50 micrograms per cubic meter. That simple change saw cognitive scores being over 100% higher than in conventional workspaces. Imagine how that could impact your work office or your children’s room.

Choosing The Right Primer, Crib Paint Or Varnish

You’re familiar with the harmful impact of VOC and PGE-exposure in common household products. Now for choosing the right paint, primer or varnish to supplement your home. It’s important to carefully read the labels of any exterior floor paint or baby room safe paint before purchasing, as simply being stated as organic doesn’t actually mean this promise is followed through. You also need to make sure to wear gloves and a mask when applying your product. Once the varnish or primer is fully dry be sure to follow instructions on upkeep so you’re regularly reaping the benefits.

Environmentally friendly spray paint isn’t just a luxury. It’s a necessity for a healthy, safe home.

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