How much money could you save yourself with replacement windows?

Did you know that over time your widows work less? That draft you feel in your home, when you find yourself pulling up dozens of blankets and cranking up the heat it could be due to your windows beginning to fail. On average, widows can last about 20 years or more without needing to be replaced. However, if your windows happen to provide a draft in your home or office it automatically means that your energy bill is being increased by anywhere from 10 to 25%. We don’t know about you, but that’s 10 or 25% more spent on heating than we’d like to spend. Perhaps, if you know your building is older, it’s about time that you look into commercial window repair before you keep shelling out hard eared dollars to your heating companies.

About how much is window replacement?

Well, it’s probably a lot less than you’re paying your heating company per year. The average cost of commercial window repair and replacement is around $300 to $700 per window. This may seem like a lot, but if you add up the price that you’ve been shelling out to heating companies for your drafts than its really not that big of a deal. This is simply protecting your home or business in the long run. The best part? Installing windows and replacement widows are usually done by the manufactures.

Those of you with natural gas within their homes, spending nearly $700 on oil every time your take needs to be filled? Is this happening more and more frequently as the years go on? If this is something that is taking place in your life, than window replacement is something that you should have looked into already. Because that oil is probably just going out the spaces in your widows, residential window replacement will improve your homes oil consumption. Who knows, maybe it’ll even be enough to take a nice warm vacation in the summer when you don’t have to worry about putting more heat into your home.

According to studies done by the National Association of Realtors, when a homeowner replaces their windows they get back about 80% of their investments. Who doesn’t want to save money and to keep themselves warm as well? Considering that two thirds of home owners intend to renovate their homes, more homeowners should consider putting in the best windows they can to save money and to keep themselves warm in the long run. Putting effort into a home that you’ve bought and intend to spend years in is never a bad thing. After all, why else would you have purchased it in the first place?

So the next time you get sick and tired of watching your heating bills escalate in the winter months, consider commercial window repair installing brand new windows into your business or your home. When something saves you money it is never a bad thing, is it? Make your home the best that you can make it, put in new windows and be proud of the area that you call your dwelling. Get those new windows in and start being comfortable inside of your home.

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