3 Effects of Water Damage

Updated 1/18/2022

Water damage can have a significant impact on your home. There are many causes of water damage, such as leaks or flooding. But regardless of how it gets in, water can cause your house’s structure to weaken and invite mold to grow. But can water damage be repaired? Much of it can be. You’ll need to bring in a water restoration company to do it. They will have the tools necessary to clear out existing mold and prevent any more from growing where it was. If the home is still flooded, they can help you get the water out of it and begin the cleanup process.

The water damage restoration company can also help you determine what can be repaired. Can you fix water damaged wood? That depends on several different factors, so you’ll need to show the professionals what happened. They can also help you figure out ceiling and drywall repair. Once those repairs are done, your home will be much safer and more comfortable. So, if you have water damage in your home, get someone in to take care of it as soon as possible.

Effects of Water Damage

Water damage is a problem a lot of homeowners have to deal with. Whether your pipes have burst or your basement has flooded, water can quickly soak into your walls and surfaces. This causes mold to grow and mold becomes a health hazard. For a lot of people, it’s hard to think about water damage cleanup in the midst of a plumbing emergency. Despite this, there are a lot of things you should know about water damage as you prepare to deal with your situation.

  • Water damage spreads…
    If you’ve ever watched water spread across a paper towel you know that water spreads. On drywall, the effect is the same. The water that seems localized in a small area will grow and spread. Soon your small problem becomes much bigger and you have to try to replace not just the section of drywall effected, but the whole wall.
  • Water leads to mold…
    It’s really not a question of whether you will have a mold problem but rather when. It is essentially a guarantee. Mold is a serious contaminant. Areas that see regular water use, such as a shower stall or sink, need to be built with mold prevention in mind. Utilizing materials, such as cement board rather than the traditional drywall, which are resistant to the effects of water damage and mold growth can seem expensive at first, but will cost you less in the long run. When you get this icky fungus growing in your home you will likely need to hire mold remediation professionals.
  • Furniture is just a susceptible as walls and floors…
    Often overlooked, furniture that is made of wood or has a varnish on it can be affected by water damage. Typically the veneer will begin to warp and come off, and the wood itself will split. If you have particle board furniture, like cheaper shelving units, the particle board will soak in the water and turn to mush. You need to make sure to replace not just your home’s structure but also your furniture.

If you have water damage you can expect to make an insurance claim for around $6,965. Water damage cleanup is incredibly important and should be done correctly by a professional.

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